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IIIMF-SKK is a language engine module for IIIMF(Internet/Intranet Input Method Framework).
IIIMF-SKK provides a SKK(Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program, an input method of Japanese) like input method.

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Released at 2002-05-10 01:49
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Release Notes

SRPMS for iiimf-skk


(Changes from
Add Slit Support
if IIIMF_SKK_WITH_SLIT environment is set, PaletteAux is created with WithDrawn.
Add Sticky Support
if Window Manager supports Extended Window Manager Hints, PaletteAux sets
See for more detail.
if we can use XTest Extensions, AddDictAuxHelper tries to make IM on by default.
some small bugfixes.