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Released at 2013-05-29 18:02
gtkimcocoa 0.0.1 (1 files Hide)

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Overview of Changes in GtkIMCocoa 0.0.0 to 0.0.1

* Enable to build against GTK+2

* Fix a bug that previous preedit string is always appeared on some applications
such as Xamarin Studio.

* Fix a bug that sometimes key events are sent to unfocused widgets.

* Add patches against GTK+ to fix strange behavior on using some third party
input methods such as GoogleIME.

* BTW, now I've noticed that another implementation of immodule for OS X was
already merge into GTK+:

But I believe that the design of it isn't good. It's ugly to modify GDK layer
& to communicate with it using g_object_{set,get}_data() for this purpose.
And it still has some issues which are same with GtkIMCocoa.


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