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A Manjaro spin using a DWM fork and lots of customized desktop environment related software like a custom menu, custom lock screen, wallpaper generator etc... Basically if mint can have a different name than Ubuntu because of cinnamon, so can I. This is not a community edition of Manjaro (yet?) because I am 1. Not good experienced enough yet(figuring out how to use calamares atm)/do not have the time to maintain something like this. 2. Do not plan to adhere to all of Manjaro's principles like shipping with pamac and their Gtk theme (a Manjaro theme is available though) This is VEEERY work in progress at the moment.

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Released at 2020-02-03 00:00
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Release Notes

This now uses something very close to the final install as a live session. A lot of its programs are also now managed by pacman which means ubuntu support will either stop or take some work.


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