Announcing the JBand project (New project members welcome)
2009-05-29 05:36 (by paulblay)

Developing Unicode and Japanese language support for latest version of Angband (3.1.1)

The JBand project aims to make the latest version of Angband accessible to Japanese users.  Unicode support will also make this a good base for other language versions of Angband.

Project members welcome

Developers: JBand is currently in very early stages of development. There is room for involvement for people of all levels of experience in C++ programming, provided they are willing to work with Visual C++ for Windows for the moment.

Translators: Translation of in-game text is not yet required, but assistance in translating documentation and/or comments in the source code would be gratefully received.

Playtesters: This project is not yet ready for playtesting.  Please check back in a few months.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me.
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