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jband: List of commits

Rev. Time Author
r132 2009-06-29 15:56:38 paulblay

Now caught up with Vanilla Angband Changeset 1455

r131 2009-06-28 18:09:21 paulblay

More translation work.

r130 2009-06-27 20:57:56 paulblay

Added LS macro to 437 phrases which need translating. (Actual translations to follow later ;-)

r129 2009-06-27 05:22:21 paulblay

More translation work (menu items).

r128 2009-06-27 04:47:11 paulblay

More translation. cmd-know now nearly has draft translation finished (but not checked).

r127 2009-06-26 17:06:01 paulblay

Temporarily remove %2$s style format instructions until Ticket #17529 is resolved.

r126 2009-06-26 16:51:41 paulblay

First draft translation of attack.cpp carried out (but not checked). Note that %2$s format was used for variable order parameters in formatted strings - probably needs to be implemented).

r125 2009-06-26 04:18:27 paulblay

Some more translation work in attack.cpp.

r124 2009-06-25 23:55:55 paulblay

Final lot of __T stuff.

r123 2009-06-25 20:53:37 paulblay

Last of src directory *.c checked for __T stuff. Only subdirectories left.

r122 2009-06-25 20:16:36 paulblay

More __T stuff.

r121 2009-06-25 05:56:33 paulblay

More __T stuff.

r120 2009-06-25 02:46:24 paulblay

More __T stuff.

r119 2009-06-25 01:46:33 paulblay

More __T stuff.

r118 2009-06-25 01:30:03 paulblay

Now caught up to Vanilla Angband Changeset 1454 (N.B. also includes some files missed earlier).

r117 2009-06-25 00:33:03 paulblay

More __T stuff.

r116 2009-06-24 23:36:26 paulblay

Now up to date with Vanilla changeset 1452.

r115 2009-06-24 20:49:35 paulblay

More __T stuff.

r114 2009-06-24 06:18:23 paulblay

Check that all source files have Bit Order Mark (required for VC++)

r113 2009-06-24 02:38:24 paulblay

Accidentally deleted in SVN mishap.

r112 2009-06-24 02:35:02 paulblay

Fiddling, possibly unwisely, with the files. ;-)

r111 2009-06-23 20:25:13 paulblay

Finished renaming to cpp.

r110 2009-06-22 17:37:02 paulblay

Renamed another file.

r109 2009-06-22 17:25:55 paulblay

This commit brings us up to date with Angband Changeset 1447.

r108 2009-06-22 05:20:04 paulblay

Closes Ticket #17465 (Crash when trying to use graphical tiles.) for really real. Tile mode now works! (Big tile doesn't, but I'm not sure it worked properly anyway?)

r107 2009-06-22 04:27:03 paulblay

Just experimenting a little.

r106 2009-06-21 23:33:14 paulblay

Last svn commit was mistaken. This time some progress has been made (I think) but it still fails on line 324 of readdib.cpp

r105 2009-06-21 22:30:20 paulblay

This closes Ticket #17465 Crash when trying to use graphical tiles. It still doesn't display tiles - but it doesn't crash any more.

r104 2009-06-21 20:40:43 paulblay

Change for #include to work.

r103 2009-06-21 20:39:43 paulblay

Renaming a couple of files to C++ standard for no particular reason.

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