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JFBTERM(J Framebuffer terminal)
は Linux の framebuffer 上で漢字を表示するためのプログラムです。
KON 同様に疑似端末を使ってコンソール出力をフックしますが、VGA ではなく、
framebuffer に展開しています。

System Requirements

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Released at 2003-09-02 01:47
jfbterm 0.3.16 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

2003-09-02 Version 0.3.16

- jfbterm:
fix pty problems
add --reset, --queit option
- jfbterm.conf: change format: obsolete enctable, new encoding.<codeset>


* vterm.c (tvterm_esc_designate_other_coding_system): added
(tvterm_esc_start): add ISO_DOCS
* font.c (tfont_show_sequence): ESC % @

* main.h (TApplication): add gOptQuiet, gOptReset
* message.c (print_message): quiet flag
* getcap.c (tcaps_read): use print_message
* font.h (tfont_show_sequence): added
* font.c (tfont_show_sequence): added
* main.c (tapp_get_options): add --reset, --quiet
(main): support --reset

* main.c (tapp_setup_encoding): change jfbterm.conf format
* jfbterm.conf.sample: update

* (install-exec-hook): added
* term.h (TTerm): delete ttygid, ttygidQ
* term.c (tterm_init): delete ttygid, ttygidQ
(tterm_set_utmp): no need to get "tty" group
(tterm_reset_utmp): no need to reset slave pty device

* term.c (tterm_start): use tterm_wakeup_shell
(tterm_wakeup_shell_as_child): deleted
(tterm_wakeup_shell): added, use login_pty(3)

* (jfbterm_LDADD): -lutil
* ditto
* term.c (tterm_get_ptytty): use openpty(3)