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Welcome to Joypy Wiki

Most of the documentation is in the /docs directory:

They are Jupyter notebooks (there are instructions in the README for running them) and I have converted them to Markdown and HTML formats for easier viewing without Jupyter. Eventually I would like to migrate some of the information in the notebooks to this wiki.

Recent Tickets

rename pushback to concat2019-05-01 13:37
The stack.pushback() function is concat, call it that. Nice opportunity to use the VSCode auto-renaming facility.sforman
rename parameter of stack.pick()2018-04-29 14:21
from def pick(s, n): to def pick(stack, n): sforman
Sort out stack/unstack/enstacken/disenstacken2018-04-29 14:18
I'm not sure of the symmetry there among stack/unstack/enstacken/disenstacken. Sort it out and stabilize the names.sforman
Move from utils to main source dir.2018-04-29 14:17
The stack datastructure module can go in the main dir.sforman

(For the wiki itself , you can find grammar and other documents on Sidebar links or Wiki guide in OSDN Docs-en project.)