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SLASH'EM japanization Project

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Released at 2006-11-11 19:37
jslashem 0.0.7E7F2-J0.1.4 (4 files Hide)

Release Notes


Windowsバイナリ(MinGW-3.1.0-1 + cc1_sj111 + 日本語版windres)
Windowsバイナリ(Borland C++ Compiler 5.51でコンパイル)

DOSバイナリ(DJGPP 2.03でコンパイル)


Sat Nov 11 2006 Masaki Miyaso <>
* JSLASH'EM-0.0.7E7F2-J0.1.4リリース
* Visual Studio 2005 Express Editionでコンパイル可能なように修
* 報告バグの修正:#8490 X11 port での Status 表示がおかしい
* 報告バグの修正:#8887 こするものを持っていないときに#rubした
* JNetHackの修正取込:#8886 投げ矢の罠にかかったとき
* JNetHackの修正取込:#9078 ノルンのセリフで「娘」が「妹」にな
* JNetHackの修正取込:#9148 盲目攻撃を受けたときのメッセージ
* "lock"の訳語を違和感ない程度に「錠」になるように修正。
* WIN32においてキャラ名にいわゆる全角文字を使ったとき、セーブ
* その他細かいところを修正。
* 本家修正先取り
-inserted missing #ifdef resulting in compilation of pure
ansi tty version for DOS failure.
-fixed bug 1461660: Misaligned door
-fixed bug 1449238: #youpoly takes a turn when denied
-fixed bug 1432473: help for Luggage shows help for Lug/Lugh
-fixed bug 1428520: Poisoned ID'd weapon gives description
as well as ID
-fixed bug 1375292: help for wombat shows text for bat
-fixed bug 1375286: pummel strikes nothing, inside ochre jelly
-fixed bug 1355891: Cannot wish for multiple potions of
vampire blood
-fixed bug 1314114: Shopkeepers cant see Shirts through
invisible armour
-fixed bug 1304954: You can Name the Sword of Balance
-fixed bug 1223533: Typo error in the Install.X11 file
-fixed bug 1407275: Wrong weight of medical kits
-fixed bug 1213658: Death message missing with gas spore
explosion when blind
-fixed bug 1291161: #force command doesn't work on locked box
-fixed bug 1223632: #force on shop doors
-fixed bug 879247: gender & alignment select dont focus on
"random" button
-fixed bug 943553: Eating off floor while levitating
-fixed bug 1432411: Knew the colour of a potion thrown on me,
when blind
-fixed bug 1449159: DEFAULT_WINDOW_SYS wrong if only X11
-fixed bug 1400802: wax golems don't emit light
-fixed bug 1586216: USE_REGEX_MATCH fails on Solaris 10
-fixed bug 1569015: Redundant code in percent_success()
-fixed bug 1583978: Grammer error in broken celibacy message
-fixed bug 1444749: character wearing invisible blindfold
can't see