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Does not install because of "missing Mozilla" (2006-02-20 04:19 by martrootamm #20011)

When I tried to install Kazehakase with make/make install, then it didn't work.

When I entered the ./configure command, some of the last errors were these:

five instances of

./configure: no: command not found

and then

configure: error: no mozilla installation found

.configure quit and I remember make was not possible after that.

I do have the mozilla-browser package installed, the version is 1.7.8. I also have Kazehakase 0.2.7 installed, but it's unstable, which is why I wanted to install a newer version of Kazehakase.

The system is Debian woody, with some updates from current stable repositories, which are now sarge repositories; Though no dist-upgrade has been or will be performed.

As far as I understand, Kazehakase was supposed to be a stand-alone browser, the way Mozilla Firefox is, not requiring any Mozilla installations.