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2022-08-02 00:03
Review by arturo182

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The software is great for hobbyist, but I do not recommend it for professional work.
Buggy software that crashes, and I lose my work.

2022-07-02 23:26
Review by evanh

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The interface and stability have both attracted me. The separation of schematic symbols from PCB footprints is important - From being able to reassign/duplicate footprints to just quickly putting together a functional diagram with no footprints at all.

2022-05-20 17:39
Review by bobonne

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Great free sw just love it thanks

2021-10-12 23:12
Review by bomberone

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Encontré que la aplicación es muy intuitiva, fue lo suficientemente sencilla de emplear en un inicio, y conforme avancé en uso, encontré que poseé herramientas muy útiles, que aún no termino de explorar por completo.
Tiene una comunidad muy amplia de usuarios, por lo que es relativamente sencillo encontrar información sobre el uso del programa.
sin observaciones de momento, podriá ser que las hubiera hasta haber probado algún otro servicio, pero no ha existido la necesidad.

2021-10-12 03:44
Review by mikehamble

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This has improved to being very powerful over the years.

2021-08-07 16:25
Review by Woodbasket

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Surprisingly functional for free software. I've used it for relatively complex project and have very few issues

2021-08-05 04:27
Review by fisheroftrout

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very easy to use, it would be nice to have more universal symbols
easy to use
add universal symbols , or simple editor, squares, triangles , stars etc

2021-08-04 13:00
Review by don_pingu

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I'm just beginning hopefully I get to like working on it.

2021-07-17 08:26
Review by feralbeagle

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It works as expected and I found no surprises. The limitations help focus work on PCB design instead of getting the tool set up to do the work. It's fast and easy. I really like this tool. I donate every year I use it.
Easy to learn. Unlimited usage. All the basic features are in place and some advanced features are included. The reliability is excellent when compared to It some commercial products that crash a lot. Support is available and responsive. It is an impressive project.
The development cycle is slow. Some features are still missing.

2021-07-05 23:39
Review by Agent 86

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Kicad has come a long way towards being a professional level tool for schematic capture and PCB layout.I have used big money packages in previous jobs, but now that I work independently I am very happy with Kicad. It does everything I need.