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Released at 2005-09-24 22:38
lha 1.14i-ac20050924 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

o use *my* getopt_long() library. (not GNU)
x allow option name abbreviation like `--system' instead of `--system-kanji-code'.
o more better directory traversal hack.
x can extract relative path like "./xxx". (cannot extract "../xxx").
x remove leading relative path when adding to archive.


2005-09-24 Koji Arai <>

* released.

* updated version and my mail address.

* Hacking_of_LHa: updated. (2003-02-23 edition)

* 00readme.autoconf: updated.

2005-06-08 Koji Arai <>

* updated version.

* src/lharc.c (parse_suboption): fixed a bug, when the
--system-kanji-code option specified, the --archive-kanji-code
option was infected.

2005-05-08 Koji Arai <>

* updated version.

* src/lharc.c (print_usage): updated.

* src/lhadd.c, src/header.c (remove_leading_dots): move to
header.c for readlink().

* src/lhadd.c (add_one): symbolic link indication was contrary.
( not "realname -> linkname" but "linkname -> realname" )
(delete): ditto.

* src/lhext.c (extract_one): ditto.

* src/lhlist.c (list_one): ditto.

* tests/lha-test14: ditto.

* src/lhadd.c (remove_leading_dots): newly added.

* src/lhadd.c (append_it): remove leading relative path from

* src/lhext.c (is_directory_traversal): should return true when
just ".." was found.

2004-10-02 Koji Arai <>

* src/lharc.c (print_tiny_usage): added long option helps.

* src/prototypes.h: updated.

* src/lharc.c: should accept a single option --help and --version.

2004-09-29 Koji Arai <>

* src/lharc.c (parse_option, parse_suboption): use getopt_long().

* src/ added getopt_long.c and getopt_long.h.

* src/getopt_long.c, src/getopt_long.h: newly added.