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pm_diskd: List of commits

※ リポジトリは、pm-diskd ブランチが へ、pm-diskd-2.0ブランチが へ移行しました。

Pacemaker 対応ディスク故障監視機能。

ブランチ名: pm-diskd

初回 hg clone 実行後は、hg update -r pm-diskd を実行すること。

Heartbeat-2.1.4 用 hb-diskd(*) のPacemaker対応版

Rev. Time Author
023e1f5e8810 pm-diskd tip 2013-04-04 10:21:47 Tomoya NOZAWA

Added tag pm_diskd-1.2-1 for changeset 29333ad8879e

8992043f894f pm_diskd-2.0 2013-04-03 15:10:16 Yuusuke Iida

When heartbeat was installed, the problem which fails in compile was corrected.

ffe13175a52b pm_diskd-2.0 2013-02-20 15:31:32 Yuusuke Iida

corrected so that the installation place of diskd daemon performed out of an resource-agent might suit the actual condition.

c0120717ece7 pm_diskd-2.0 2013-02-19 14:33:39 Yuusuke Iida

The code was corrected in order to make it cooperate with pacemaker-1.1.

510ff3f9d7a9 pm_diskd-2.0 2013-02-19 08:52:08 Yuusuke Iida

removed the unnecessary code.

29333ad8879e pm-diskd pm_diskd-1.2-1 2013-02-14 10:47:27 Tomoya NOZAWA

Addition of a necessary file

ffd36cb4ea92 pm-diskd 2013-02-14 10:00:42 Tomoya NOZAWA

Rearranging of the source file

5d993c7af81a pm-diskd 2012-10-11 06:02:52 <hideoyamauchi@inte...>

The sync of thread processing and the main processing.(I thank for Hiroshi Akamatsu.)

dd53345f4f38 pm-diskd 2012-08-09 06:06:30 <hideoyamauchi@inte...>

Correction of the error to occur in g_mutex_free_posix_impl.

ec095965fbad pm-diskd 2012-04-11 15:51:18 Tomoya NOZAWA

Added tag pm_diskd-1.1-1.1 for changeset 21094f982e0b

21094f982e0b pm-diskd pm_diskd-1.1-1.1 2012-03-14 15:07:10 Takatoshi MATSUO

Add a check of pidfile on start

48b1c31d637e pm-diskd 2012-02-10 12:45:17 Tomoya NOZAWA

Added tag pm_diskd-1.1-1 for changeset 9a7339fc5159

9a7339fc5159 pm-diskd pm_diskd-1.1-1 2011-10-27 12:40:09 <hideoyamauchi@hg.s...>

Support of the timer thread

8da842972567 pm-diskd 2010-12-15 12:21:19 Yoshihiko SATO

Added tag pm_diskd-1.0-1 for changeset 4431823c0a81

4431823c0a81 pm-diskd pm_diskd-1.0-1 2010-10-15 13:23:24 Keisuke MORI

Advise timeout in meta-data as already tested values.

ea96e59eae1b pm-diskd 2010-10-08 16:10:54 YoshihikoSATO

Add pm_diskd.spec, and modify make rpm

049f1587d11e pm-diskd 2010-10-08 15:51:35 YoshihikoSATO

marge for stable-1.0 revision:15672

860b32388908 stable-1.0 2010-09-27 17:50:55 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: Shell: use uname instead of id in nodes when building other ids
(transplanted from eead626c7fcab4ffca1dd1cd8656d9c4839b1262)

a648284c08b4 stable-1.0 2010-09-20 19:20:58 Andrew Beekhof

High: crmd: Use the correct define/size for lrm resource IDs
(transplanted from 7311ce12fd403383f1a9b4cea611c89a2cc36a90)

66df1404fdcb stable-1.0 2010-09-16 02:47:35 Andrew Beekhof

High: crmd: Prevent assertion failure for stop actions resulting from cs: 3c0bc17c6daf
(transplanted from f3c520cd89b8150b1c5df4e1700c0d8be25dcfc8)

ce8e12dff80c stable-1.0 2010-09-15 04:40:49 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: PE: Ignore failed actions on nodes that have been shutdown - Patch from Hideo Yamauchi
(transplanted from d932da0b886b95b1d26680d42b66a492109a463e)

45593ea56123 stable-1.0 2010-09-10 15:15:29 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: cib: Bug lf#2469 - Clean up disconnected remote connections
(transplanted from 22651433eb94d18270eba3533b3531de5a02b4d0)

9a19ab325cb9 stable-1.0 2010-09-07 03:10:04 Andrew Beekhof

Low: PE: Indicate failed resources when the crm_mon output is grouped by node
(transplanted from 19a4dbdd0b0214307a1913046f306a564bbbb5be)

be75d2736156 stable-1.0 2010-08-14 01:05:48 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: refine the node delete command

- don't try to remove the node if it's not in the CIB
- crm_node seems to return a wrong exit code, ignore that for the
time being
- also, if the node is not reported by crm_node -l, it may be
that it hasn't been around for a while, so we still proceed to
remove it from the CIB
- more logging
(transplanted from c8a0da78ada88e0c56e7115444941457b95ad5ca)

4cb5d5ff2cfd stable-1.0 2010-08-05 01:38:38 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: set shadow directory properly (bnc#626638)
(transplanted from 230655711dc7b8579747ddeafc6f39247f8e87fc)

eda74457c7fd stable-1.0 2010-08-03 23:07:55 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: Shell: print error if a resource is not found in stop/start/manage (bnc#627757)
(transplanted from 5ce5b34cf3abf4ebd18ba5e9badfd4b70eff3110)

51c8de7a34cf stable-1.0 2010-07-07 23:20:43 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: test early for duplicate elements in edit (bnc#620460)
(transplanted from c96e9a41511a8b36b1019db7c433357e334c6979)

4f8c36ade2b7 stable-1.0 2010-06-23 20:48:01 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: add support for classes to the providers command
(transplanted from e2563570db42a532fa1aa0406c07006a21b36000)

d2bf984a83c6 stable-1.0 2010-06-09 23:22:54 Yuusuke IIDA

Medium: Shell: allow adding force parameter to resource migrate
(transplanted from 7a0ee1e8132d166e7ce9d314d229ed62427443d5)

30d4ea631493 stable-1.0 2010-06-08 00:06:53 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: add exit codes for non-interactive use
(transplanted from fa850388db09fa998ec0a85db9bab75c0986b280)

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