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pm_diskd: Commit

※ リポジトリは、pm-diskd ブランチが https://github.com/linux-ha-japan/pm_diskd-1.0 へ、pm-diskd-2.0ブランチが https://github.com/linux-ha-japan/pm_diskd へ移行しました。

Pacemaker 対応ディスク故障監視機能。

ブランチ名: pm-diskd

初回 hg clone 実行後は、hg update -r pm-diskd を実行すること。

Heartbeat-2.1.4 用 hb-diskd(*) のPacemaker対応版
(*) http://sourceforge.jp/projects/linux-ha/releases/?package_id=10555

Commit MetaInfo

Revisionc02b459053bfa44d509a2a0e0247b291d93662b7 (tree)
Time2009-02-16 22:02:19
AuthorAndrew Beekhof <abeekhof@suse...>
CommiterAndrew Beekhof

Log Message

Low: Build: Update debian changelog

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

diff -r d232d19daeb9 -r c02b459053bf debian/changelog
--- a/debian/changelog Mon Feb 16 13:27:49 2009 +0100
+++ b/debian/changelog Mon Feb 16 14:02:19 2009 +0100
@@ -1,3 +1,164 @@
1+pacemaker (1.0.2-1) stable; urgency=medium
2+ * Update source tarball to revision: d232d19daeb9 (stable-1.0) tip
3+ * Statistics:
4+ Changesets: 441
5+ Diff: 639 files changed, 20871 insertions(+), 21594 deletions(-)
7+ * Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.1
8+ + High (bnc#450815): Tools: crm cli: don't generate id for the operations tag
9+ + High: ais: Add support for the new AIS IPC layer
10+ + High: ais: Always set header.error to the correct default: SA_AIS_OK
11+ + High: ais: Bug BNC#456243 - Ensure the membership cache always contains an entry for the local node
12+ + High: ais: Bug BNC:456208 - Prevent deadlocks by not logging in the child process before exec()
13+ + High: ais: By default, disable supprt for the WIP openais IPC patch
14+ + High: ais: Detect and handle situations where ais and the crm disagree on the node name
15+ + High: ais: Ensure crm_peer_seq is updated after a membership update
16+ + High: ais: Make sure all IPC header fields are set to sane defaults
17+ + High: ais: Repair and streamline service load now that whitetank startup functions correctly
18+ + High: build: create and install doc files
19+ + High: cib: Allow clients without mainloop to connect to the cib
20+ + High: cib: CID:18 - Fix use-of-NULL in cib_perform_op
21+ + High: cib: CID:18 - Repair errors introduced in b5a18704477b - Fix use-of-NULL in cib_perform_op
22+ + High: cib: Ensure diff's contain the correct values of admin_epoch
23+ + High: cib: Fix four moderately sized memory leaks detected by Valgrind
24+ + High: Core: CID:10 - Prevent indexing into an array of schemas with a negative value
25+ + High: Core: CID:13 - Fix memory leak in log_data_element
26+ + High: Core: CID:15 - Fix memory leak in crm_get_peer
27+ + High: Core: CID:6 - Fix use-of-NULL in copy_ha_msg_input
28+ + High: Core: Fix crash in the membership code preventing node shutdown
29+ + High: Core: Fix more memory leaks foudn by valgrind
30+ + High: Core: Prevent unterminated strings after decompression
31+ + High: crmd: Bug BNC:467995 - Delay marking STONITH operations complete until STONITH tells us so
32+ + High: crmd: Bug LF:1962 - Don't NACK peers because they're not (yet) in our membership. Just ignore them.
33+ + High: crmd: Bug LF:2010 - Ensure fencing cib updates create the node_state entry if needed to preent re-fencing during cluster startup
34+ + High: crmd: Correctly handle reconnections to attrd
35+ + High: crmd: Ensure updates for lost migrate operations indicate which node it tried to migrating to
36+ + High: crmd: If there are no nodes to finalize, start an election.
37+ + High: crmd: If there are no nodes to welcome, start an election.
38+ + High: crmd: Prevent node attribute loss by detecting attrd disconnections immediately
39+ + High: crmd: Prevent node re-probe loops by ensuring manditory actions always complete
40+ + High: PE: Bug 2005 - Fix startup ordering of cloned stonith groups
41+ + High: PE: Bug 2006 - Correctly reprobe cloned groups
42+ + High: PE: Bug BNC:465484 - Fix the no-quorum-policy=suicide option
43+ + High: PE: Bug LF:1996 - Correctly process disabled monitor operations
44+ + High: PE: CID:19 - Fix use-of-NULL in determine_online_status
45+ + High: PE: Clones now default to globally-unique=false
46+ + High: PE: Correctly calculate the number of available nodes for the clone to use
47+ + High: PE: Only shoot online nodes with no-quorum-policy=suicide
48+ + High: PE: Prevent on-fail settings being ignored after a resource is successfully stopped
49+ + High: PE: Prevent use-of-NULL for failed migrate actions in process_rsc_state()
50+ + High: PE: Remove an optimization for the terminate node attribute that caused the cluster to block indefinitly
51+ + High: PE: Repar the ability to colocate based on node attributes other than uname
52+ + High: PE: Start the correct monitor operation for unmanaged masters
53+ + High: stonith: CID:3 - Fix another case of exceptionally poor error handling by the original stonith developers
54+ + High: stonith: CID:5 - Checking for NULL and then dereferencing it anyway is an interesting approach to error handling
55+ + High: stonithd: Sending IPC to the cluster is a privileged operation
56+ + High: stonithd: wrong checks for shmid (0 is a valid id)
57+ + High: Tools: attrd - Correctly determine when an attribute has stopped changing and should be committed to the CIB
58+ + High: Tools: Bug 2003 - pingd doesn't correctly detect failures when the interface is down
59+ + High: Tools: Bug 2003 - pingd doesn't correctly handle node-down events on multi-NIC systems
60+ + High: Tools: Bug 2021 - pingd does not detect sequence wrapping correctly, incorrectly reports nodes offline
61+ + High: Tools: Bug BNC:468066 - Don't use the result of uname() when its no longer in scope
62+ + High: Tools: Bug BNC:473265 - crm_resource -L dumps core
63+ + High: Tools: Bug LF:2001 - Transient node attributes should be set via attrd
64+ + High: Tools: Bug LF:2036 - crm_resource cannot set/get parameters for cloned resources
65+ + High: Tools: Bug LF:2046 - Node attribute updates are lost because attrd can take too long to start
66+ + High: Tools: Cause the correct clone instance to be failed with crm_resource -F
67+ + High: Tools: cluster_test - Allow the user to select a stack and fix CTS invocation
68+ + High: Tools: crm cli: allow rename only if the resource is stopped
69+ + High: Tools: crm cli: catch system errors on file operations
70+ + High: Tools: crm cli: completion for ids in configure
71+ + High: Tools: crm cli: drop '-rsc' from attributes for order constraint
72+ + High: Tools: crm cli: exit with an appropriate exit code
73+ + High: Tools: crm cli: fix wrong order of action and resource in order constraint
74+ + High: Tools: crm cli: fox wrong exit code
75+ + High: Tools: crm cli: improve handling of cib attributes
76+ + High: Tools: crm cli: new command: configure rename
77+ + High: Tools: crm cli: new command: configure upgrade
78+ + High: Tools: crm cli: new command: node delete
79+ + High: Tools: crm cli: prevent key errors on missing cib attributes
80+ + High: Tools: crm cli: print long help for help topics
81+ + High: Tools: crm cli: return on syntax error when parsing score
82+ + High: Tools: crm cli: rsc_location can be without nvpairs
83+ + High: Tools: crm cli: short node preference location constraint
84+ + High: Tools: crm cli: sometimes, on errors, level would change on single shot use
85+ + High: Tools: crm cli: syntax: drop a bunch of commas (remains of help tables conversion)
86+ + High: Tools: crm cli: verify user input for sanity
87+ + High: Tools: crm: find expressions within rules (don't always skip xml nodes due to used id)
88+ + High: Tools: crm_master shouldn't define a set id now that attrd is used. Defining one can break lookups
89+ + High: Tools: crm_mon Use the OID assigned to the project by IANA for SNMP traps
90+ + High: Tools: hb2openais: add constraints for clvmd to controld
91+ + High: Tools: hb2openais: adjust path to the supporting script and set CONF variable
92+ + High: Tools: hb2openais: improve media processing and set rrp_mode for multiple rings configuration
93+ + High: Tools: hb2openais: openais supports up to two rings
94+ + High: Tools: hb2openais: set no-quorum-policy to ignore for 2-node clusters
95+ + High: Tools: hb2openais: start mgmtd if appropriate
96+ + Medium (bnc#445622): Tools: crm cli: improve the node show command and drop node status
97+ + Medium (LF 2009): stonithd: improve timeouts for remote fencing
98+ + Medium: ais: Allow dead peers to be removed from membership calculations
99+ + Medium: ais: Pass node deletion events on to clients
100+ + Medium: ais: Sanitize ipc usage
101+ + Medium: ais: Supply the node's uname in addtion to the id
102+ + Medium: Build: Clean up configure to ensure NON_FATAL_CFLAGS is consistent with CFLAGS (ie. includes -g)
103+ + Medium: Build: Install cluster_test
104+ + Medium: Build: Use more restrictive CFLAGS and fix the resulting errors
105+ + Medium: cib: CID:20 - Fix potential use-after-free in cib_native_signon
106+ + Medium: Core: Bug BNC:474727 - Set a maximum time to wait for IPC messages
107+ + Medium: Core: CID:12 - Fix memory leak in decode_transition_magic error path
108+ + Medium: Core: CID:14 - Fix memory leak in calculate_xml_digest error path
109+ + Medium: Core: CID:16 - Fix memory leak in date_to_string error path
110+ + Medium: Core: Try to track down the cause of XML parsing errors
111+ + Medium: crmd: Bug BNC:472473 - Don't wait excessive amounts of time for lost actions
112+ + Medium: crmd: Bug BNC:472473 - Reduce the transition timeout to action_timeout+network_delay
113+ + Medium: crmd: Don't fast-track the processing of LRM refreshes when there are pending actions.
114+ + Medium: crmd: do_dc_join_filter_offer - Check the 'join' message is for the current instance before deciding to NACK peers
115+ + Medium: crmd: Find option values without having to do a config upgrade
116+ + Medium: crmd: Implement shutdown using a transient node attribute
117+ + Medium: crmd: Update the crmd options to use dashes instead of underscores
118+ + Medium: cts: Add 'cluster reattach' to the suite of automated regression tests
119+ + Medium: cts: cluster_test - Make some usability enhancements
120+ + Medium: CTS: cluster_test - suggest a valid port number
121+ + Medium: CTS: Fix python import order
122+ + Medium: cts: Implement an automated SplitBrain test
123+ + Medium: CTS: Remove references to deleted classes
124+ + Medium: Extra: Resources - Use HA_VARRUN instead of HA_RSCTMP for state files as Heartbeat removes HA_RSCTMP at startup
125+ + Medium: HB: Bug 1933 - Fake crmd_client_status_callback() calls because HB doesn't provide them for already running processes
126+ + Medium: PE: CID:17 - Fix memory leak in find_actions_by_task error path
127+ + Medium: PE: CID:7,8 - Prevent hypothetical use-of-NULL in LogActions
128+ + Medium: PE: Defer logging the actions performed on a resource until we've processed ordering constraints
129+ + Medium: PE: Remove the symmetrical attribute of colocation constraints
130+ + Medium: Resources: pingd - fix the meta defaults
131+ + Medium: Resources: Stateful - Add missing meta defaults
132+ + Medium: stonithd: exit if we the pid file cannot be locked
133+ + Medium: Tools: Allow attrd clients to specify the ID the attribute should be created with
134+ + Medium: Tools: attrd - Allow attribute updates to be performed from a hosts' peer
135+ + Medium: Tools: Bug LF:1994 - Clean up crm_verify return codes
136+ + Medium: Tools: Change the pingd defaults to ping hosts once every second (instead of 5 times every 10 seconds)
137+ + Medium: Tools: cibmin - Detect resource operations with a view to providing email/snmp/cim notification
138+ + Medium: Tools: crm cli: add back symmetrical for order constraints
139+ + Medium: Tools: crm cli: generate role in location when converting from xml
140+ + Medium: Tools: crm cli: handle shlex exceptions
141+ + Medium: Tools: crm cli: keep order of help topics
142+ + Medium: Tools: crm cli: refine completion for ids in configure
143+ + Medium: Tools: crm cli: replace inf with INFINITY
144+ + Medium: Tools: crm cli: streamline cib load and parsing
145+ + Medium: Tools: crm cli: supply provider only for ocf class primitives
146+ + Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Add support for sending mail notifications of resource events
147+ + Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Include the DC's version in status summary
148+ + Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Sanitize startup and option processing
149+ + Medium: Tools: crm_mon - switch to event-driven updates and add support for sending snmp traps
150+ + Medium: Tools: crm_shadow - Replace the --locate option with the saner --edit
151+ + Medium: Tools: hb2openais: do not remove Evmsd resources, but replace them with clvmd
152+ + Medium: Tools: hb2openais: replace crmadmin with crm_mon
153+ + Medium: Tools: hb2openais: replace the lsb class with ocf for o2cb
154+ + Medium: Tools: hb2openais: reuse code
155+ + Medium: Tools: LF:2029 - Display an error if crm_resource is used to reset the operation history of non-primitive resources
156+ + Medium: Tools: Make pingd resilient to attrd failures
157+ + Medium: Tools: pingd - fix the command line switches
158+ + Medium: Tools: Rename ccm_tool to crm_node
160+ -- Andrew Beekhof <abeekhof@suse.de> Mon, 16 Feb 2009 13:32:07 +0100
1162 pacemaker (1.0.1-1) stable; urgency=high
2163 * Update source tarball to revision: 2883431a818b (stable-1.0) tip
3164 * Statistics:
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