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pm_diskd: List of commits

※ リポジトリは、pm-diskd ブランチが https://github.com/linux-ha-japan/pm_diskd-1.0 へ、pm-diskd-2.0ブランチが https://github.com/linux-ha-japan/pm_diskd へ移行しました。

Pacemaker 対応ディスク故障監視機能。

ブランチ名: pm-diskd

初回 hg clone 実行後は、hg update -r pm-diskd を実行すること。

Heartbeat-2.1.4 用 hb-diskd(*) のPacemaker対応版
(*) http://sourceforge.jp/projects/linux-ha/releases/?package_id=10555

Rev. Time Author
91bab394a943 stable-1.0 2010-04-30 20:03:48 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: PE: Bug lf#2410 - Don't complain about missing agents during probes of a-symetric clusters

a1bc70f2ea59 stable-1.0 2010-04-30 00:52:13 Andrew Beekhof

Hg: Low: Branch merge

6d68ecb147ba stable-1.0 2010-04-29 21:47:37 Andrew Beekhof

Low: Build: Sync generated documentation to the correct location

0e39dbf5d7a6 stable-1.0 2010-04-29 20:44:56 Andrew Beekhof

High: ais: Need to find a better and thread-safe way to set core_uses_pid. Disable for now.

9e116c72115e stable-1.0 2010-04-29 20:26:40 Andrew Beekhof

High: ais: Fix two more uses of getpwnam() in non-thread-safe locations

2600bc70cf2e stable-1.0 2010-04-29 18:23:00 Andrew Beekhof

High: ais: Use the threadsafe version of getpwnam

47cd86d89e88 stable-1.0 2010-04-28 18:58:25 Andrew Beekhof

Low: Doc: Swicth to a blue-based brand consistent with the website

e1ee35078b2f stable-1.0 2010-04-28 18:57:53 Andrew Beekhof

Low: Doc: Rebuild images exporting only the canvas

48cc79780893 stable-1.0 2010-04-28 18:56:54 Andrew Beekhof

Low: doc: Build the brand images too

4be99300b141 stable-1.0 2010-04-28 18:16:21 Andrew Beekhof

Low: doc: Alternate table background for alternate rows

9b086de80f3e stable-1.0 2010-04-28 00:38:01 Andrew Beekhof

Low: doc: Fix comparison between groups and ordered sets

7caba76c5c0e stable-1.0 2010-04-28 00:25:20 Andrew Beekhof

Low: PE: Remove development logging

84edb0a02dce stable-1.0 2010-04-27 23:34:50 Andrew Beekhof

Low: doc: Replace openais with corosync where appropriate

5649fa53d9a5 stable-1.0 2010-04-27 23:25:42 Andrew Beekhof

Low: doc: Update diagrams and generate from svg

8463260ff667 stable-1.0 2010-04-26 17:45:02 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: RA: remove test code for SIGTERM

f7da9d09ebd2 stable-1.0 2010-04-23 21:32:50 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: PE: Ignore colocation weights from clone instances
At best it bumps every node's score by the same amount,
at worst it causes multiple nodes to have a score of INFINITY

3cdddba79805 stable-1.0 2010-04-22 22:59:25 Andrew Beekhof

Low: PE: Fix log message, reduce to debug

33f83078a836 stable-1.0 2010-04-21 01:30:31 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Rewrite native_merge_weights() to avoid Fix use-after-free

573c50a06542 stable-1.0 2010-04-20 20:04:54 Andrew Beekhof

Low: Build: Prepare for --with-rsctmpdir from agents/glue

c15d5556db13 stable-1.0 2010-04-20 19:15:07 Andrew Beekhof

Low: crmd: Bug lf#2387 - Add missing fields to the metadata for use by the shell

68905ec68a2f stable-1.0 2010-04-20 19:05:50 Andrew Beekhof

Low: PE: Bug lf#2383 - Combine failcounts for all instances of an anonymous clone on a host (regression tests)

021a2aff71b4 stable-1.0 2010-04-20 19:05:10 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Bug lf#2383 - Combine failcounts for all instances of an anonymous clone on a host

4979b73e6db8 stable-1.0 2010-04-20 17:48:33 Andrew Beekhof

Low: PE: Bug lf#2384 - Fix intra-set colocation and ordering (regression tests)

b41c15fc33c6 stable-1.0 2010-04-20 17:47:04 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Bug lf#2384 - Fix intra-set colocation and ordering

8a026d94d2f2 stable-1.0 2010-04-20 17:20:15 Andrew Beekhof

High: crmd: Bug 2401 - Improved detection of partially active peers

c9c851f7175b stable-1.0 2010-04-20 17:13:52 Andrew Beekhof

Low: Build: Update spec file for rebuild

52c101df29bd stable-1.0 2010-04-13 18:05:54 Andrew Beekhof

Hg: Merge in valgrind fixes

f9e670ed8dc8 stable-1.0 2010-03-29 19:13:17 Keisuke MORI

High: crmd: Fix memory leaks exposed by valgrind

a9ef07590d43 stable-1.0 2010-03-29 17:51:53 Keisuke MORI

High: Tools: crm_mon - fix memory leaks exposed by valgrind

2d9d64f757cb stable-1.0 2010-03-29 17:51:11 Keisuke MORI

High: PE: Fix memory leaks exposed by valgrind

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