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pm_diskd: List of commits

※ リポジトリは、pm-diskd ブランチが https://github.com/linux-ha-japan/pm_diskd-1.0 へ、pm-diskd-2.0ブランチが https://github.com/linux-ha-japan/pm_diskd へ移行しました。

Pacemaker 対応ディスク故障監視機能。

ブランチ名: pm-diskd

初回 hg clone 実行後は、hg update -r pm-diskd を実行すること。

Heartbeat-2.1.4 用 hb-diskd(*) のPacemaker対応版
(*) http://sourceforge.jp/projects/linux-ha/releases/?package_id=10555

Rev. Time Author
efdc0d8143dd stable-1.0 2010-03-09 03:11:50 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: Shell: no need to clear cache on commit (lf#2368)

9e0077ef2b2d stable-1.0 2010-03-09 03:09:42 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: don't cache node and resource ids (lf#2368)

faac81a13be5 stable-1.0 2010-03-09 01:06:52 <renayama19661014@ybb....>

Low: stonithd: log warning on possibly unexpected scenario values

5bc50e3d7571 stable-1.0 2010-03-06 02:23:24 Dejan Muhamedagic

High: Shell: new cibstatus import command (bnc#585471)

d6687e484e26 stable-1.0 2010-03-06 02:07:26 Dejan Muhamedagic

Dev: Shell: repair loading status from shadow files

b8db497b90a5 stable-1.0 2010-03-05 22:06:13 Andrew Beekhof

High: ais: Do not count votes from offline nodes and calculate current #votes before sending quorum data
(transplanted from 1dbbee9bc278a7a0e3cbfcc6768ebc7548b3c593)

609c1302aea1 stable-1.0 2010-03-05 21:36:29 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: Shell: tone down messages on elements which cannot be represented in the configuration language (bnc#584289)

93b87931206e stable-1.0 2010-03-05 07:00:00 Lars Marowsky-Bree

Medium: Shell: Repair "cib cibstatus op" functionality (bnc#585641)

25e5d628fe9b stable-1.0 2010-03-05 04:06:07 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: Shell: catch KeyboardInterrupt and show appropriate message (thanks to T. Schraitle) (bnc#584638)

e0cfd410bfd7 stable-1.0 2010-03-05 03:58:10 Dejan Muhamedagic

High: Shell: check timeouts also against the default-action-timeout property

2e804c80caad stable-1.0 2010-03-04 04:30:11 Andrew Beekhof

Low: cts: Some minor speedups

7db0533d9ad2 stable-1.0 2010-03-04 04:28:45 Andrew Beekhof

Low: Fix various spelling issues, as found by lintian - Patch by Frederik Schüler

2523e2a5712b stable-1.0 2010-03-04 02:02:50 Dejan Muhamedagic

Dev: Shell: correct previous node updates changeset

3f4d5de8cb46 stable-1.0 2010-03-04 00:07:00 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: node attributes update in configure (bnc#582767)

4d02a463b3ab stable-1.0 2010-03-03 23:11:52 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: Shell: don't ask questions without terminal

6e1815972fc2 stable-1.0 2010-03-02 02:46:34 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: implement lifetime for rsc migrate and node standby (lf#2353)

2e282f4a3d1c stable-1.0 2010-03-02 01:48:03 Dejan Muhamedagic

Dev: Shell: import shlex in ui.py

938aa21fada2 stable-1.0 2010-03-02 01:46:51 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: Shell: more error checking when converting to the configuration language

d8ce24b41a8d stable-1.0 2010-03-01 21:58:16 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: doc: describe xml in cli

c2d51af24397 stable-1.0 2010-03-01 20:42:20 Andrew Beekhof

High: ais: Bug lf#2359 - Default expected votes to 2 inside Corosync/OpenAIS plugin
If, on a new cluster, 3 or more nodes are seen before the crmd sets expected votes to
it's default (2), then the update will be rejected and the cluster will continue using
1024 everywhere.
Although it is possible to change this using 'crm configure property expected-votes=$N',
anyone hitting the race condition is going to be mighty confused.
So we adopt the same default as the crmd.

4b5bc0acd5aa stable-1.0 2010-03-01 20:35:55 Andrew Beekhof

Low: cts: Better offset logging for LogWatcher

73b421ec3630 stable-1.0 2010-03-01 20:33:56 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: cts: Make sure we are really, _really_ stable before Reattach tests to prevent false negatives

e4a32c5959d6 stable-1.0 2010-03-01 20:24:09 Andrew Beekhof

Low: cts: Use the ping RA instead of the deprecated pingd one and require the 'connected' attribute to also be defined

beb1aef74cdb stable-1.0 2010-03-01 19:28:36 Dejan Muhamedagic

Dev: Shell: more cleanups in cib updates

b8b48c3dd03c stable-1.0 2010-03-01 19:28:25 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: load update should update existing elements

32e2fe67009e stable-1.0 2010-02-28 04:51:32 Dejan Muhamedagic

Low: Shell: add two convenience error functions

6c6dfb83f507 stable-1.0 2010-02-28 04:50:10 Dejan Muhamedagic

Dev: Shell: fix id_store/element updates interaction

8f61ad108a91 stable-1.0 2010-02-28 04:09:09 Dejan Muhamedagic

Medium: Shell: repare clone/ms cleanup (nbc#583288)

9d3ee38274b7 stable-1.0 2010-02-27 04:43:59 Andrew Beekhof

Low: cts: install the scenarios module

ba84fa73ac2b stable-1.0 2010-02-27 04:28:35 Andrew Beekhof

Dev: cts: Fix path to random choice generator

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