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pm_diskd: List of commits

※ リポジトリは、pm-diskd ブランチが https://github.com/linux-ha-japan/pm_diskd-1.0 へ、pm-diskd-2.0ブランチが https://github.com/linux-ha-japan/pm_diskd へ移行しました。

Pacemaker 対応ディスク故障監視機能。

ブランチ名: pm-diskd

初回 hg clone 実行後は、hg update -r pm-diskd を実行すること。

Heartbeat-2.1.4 用 hb-diskd(*) のPacemaker対応版
(*) http://sourceforge.jp/projects/linux-ha/releases/?package_id=10555

Rev. Time Author
f4aadf658de7 stable-1.0 2010-06-18 18:07:45 Andrew Beekhof

Low: cts: Fix the pattern for forced stonith events

d76cb123e116 stable-1.0 2010-06-18 18:06:35 Andrew Beekhof

Low: doc: Pacemaker_Explained - Fix dtd validation

d67ffa5cb8dc stable-1.0 2010-06-15 22:32:14 Andrew Beekhof

Low: Build: Update versions

cf638232756e stable-1.0 2010-06-15 22:31:38 Andrew Beekhof

Low: cts: Some patterns are not reliably found when the DC kills itself

6bf91e9195fe stable-1.0 2010-06-15 22:29:00 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Bug lf#1959 - Fail unmanaged resources should not prevent other services from shutting down
(transplanted from b62d71c6786ce621067e73d818e641eff69a6f24)

e114a99542f1 stable-1.0 2010-06-11 22:06:59 Andrew Beekhof

Low: PE: Bug lf#2435 - Support colocation sets with negative scores (regression tests)
(transplanted from 8b9ec9ccc5060457ac761dce1de719af86895b10)

fb02e3ca7335 stable-1.0 2010-06-11 22:01:17 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: PE: Bug lf#2435 - Support colocation sets with negative scores
(transplanted from 033609d20c6284e4753f9cab9353ddd7020ad606)

b3c7f1ad86ac stable-1.0 2010-06-11 21:42:05 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: Build: Do not enable the -ansi compiler option by default, prevents use of strtoll()
(transplanted from e0308d7ebf849e4563d64ce6584fd06a05d5ad4e)

841a1f71cc7e stable-1.0 2010-06-11 21:38:38 Andrew Beekhof

Low: PE: Remove redundant if-clause
(transplanted from aca37d2ff4938b780efa9f71eb6ed99e47ef7775)

e08486278b6d stable-1.0 2010-06-10 16:30:20 Andrew Beekhof

Low: PE: Turn down developmental logging

88a5c758cb79 stable-1.0 2010-06-09 16:47:20 Andrew Beekhof

Low: crmd: Reduce logging when a resource to be deleted isn't found
(transplanted from a5a4434bf6b68c067822d598c57148fff329418a)

3b95166232d4 stable-1.0 2010-06-02 21:39:33 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Bug lf#2433 - No services should be stopped until probes finish
(transplanted from f3fc39b0e9463d2c864476901a19133b93e3603a)

818bdf7e01a1 stable-1.0 2010-06-01 23:31:35 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: PE: Bug lf#2426 - stop-all-resources shouldn't apply to stonith resources
(transplanted from 68c883259f785faec4ae23d4b80de36f07c0335d)

cfd1fd593170 stable-1.0 2010-06-01 23:18:21 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Bug lf#2424 - Use notify oepration definition if it exists in the configuration
(transplanted from f5e1eb92cc85762e47ad0a2ae375613a6aefe07b)

2c08be23c4e2 stable-1.0 2010-06-01 23:17:23 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: PE: Don't overwrite existing meta attributes (like timeout) for notify operations
(transplanted from a1840e0262033cff635d467a8de9509b35f32059)

c1bf5d6d431a stable-1.0 2010-06-01 23:15:48 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Prevent endless loop when looking for operation definitions in the configuration
(transplanted from ca0cf98f8559ff77fb4bc15e9c24c2684708b549)

e28860b7cd4b stable-1.0 2010-06-01 22:26:16 Andrew Beekhof

High: cib: Remove old developmental error logging
(transplanted from 97529812503f1c4700fcdc9aaa424364336cdc9f)

39935d508453 stable-1.0 2010-06-01 22:13:28 Andrew Beekhof

High: cib: Fix the application of unversioned diffs
(transplanted from 27b633718caac76dbf3b28372ccb25f26cc6c3a3)

77cd0a6f1024 stable-1.0 2010-06-01 19:16:55 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Fix colocation with partially active groups
(transplanted from 840aa82979f990e5b36de1eda111515351f31c5d)

61efe0f1564d stable-1.0 2010-06-01 19:06:53 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Fix colocation for interleaved clones
(transplanted from c269a940ca825c49ea7a902de161c7cf64ff4823)

e3f00f311ef3 stable-1.0 2010-06-01 19:00:40 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Make the current data set a global variable so it doesn't need to be passed around everywhere
(transplanted from d7c48db0ec567cd80ed3800c2675f442c55cffdf)

dd3deb75fd07 stable-1.0 2010-06-01 15:51:04 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: PE: If there are no compatible peers when interleaving clones, ensure the instance is stopped
(transplanted from 98dcf54a526c1501d26584292f03e49518693607)

f5e4bb552149 stable-1.0 2010-06-01 00:28:57 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Bug lf#2422 - Ordering dependencies on partially active groups not observed properly
(transplanted from 433dc0a25908fdb3c15987983f90b2778302067d)

fadc2e35dc1b stable-1.0 2010-06-01 00:20:46 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: PE: Ensure deallocated resources are stopped
(transplanted from 9f8e6d52611e91f9c7be3e0e32e9865e44234068)

9f04fa88cfd3 stable-1.0 2010-05-22 06:07:22 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: cib: xpath - Allow all hits to be deleted, allow the no_children option to return multiple hits
(transplanted from 1ad399212f8daa687d68a4454d703afc3c7dc088)

2b0847e8c710 stable-1.0 2010-05-22 06:04:45 Andrew Beekhof

High: cib: Also free query result for xpath operations that return more than one hit
(transplanted from f08534050014c0c6b106c7a73da254120b06cf22)

f2cbed105aaf stable-1.0 2010-05-12 15:07:09 Andrew Beekhof

High: Core: Fix memory leak in replace_xml_child() reported by valgrind
(transplanted from d596253a932bb0716fdf9b48e362b46e745126cf)

1c29fde8d79b stable-1.0 2010-05-12 15:06:42 Andrew Beekhof

High: PE: Fix memory leaks reported by valgrind
(transplanted from 25853877b670039d2d158a1e137b68fafe9318ff)

bb39c235b95d stable-1.0 2010-05-12 03:52:42 Andrew Beekhof

Medium: cib: Correctly free the cib contents at signoff when in file-based mode
(transplanted from 3d17d596cd687d4a62bf6bd6ccc401365ca3ae22)

87f281cf369e stable-1.0 2010-05-11 20:08:25 Andrew Beekhof

High: Core: Bug lf#2414 - Prevent use-after-free reported by valgrind when doing xpath based deletions
(transplanted from 276f0c07242b7836ce5b6935990b61bd4ed9a6ab)

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