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Notice: linuxBean is a *Japanese* Linux distribution. This does ***not*** contain non-Japanese locales of some apps.

linuxBean is the *Japanese* lightweight Linux distribution derived from ubuntu. It is aiming at "li...

System Requirements

[12.04 System Requirements]
Disk Space: More than 8GB
Processor: i386, faster than 800MHz
Memory: More than 256MiB

[14.04 System Requirements]
Disk Space: More than 10GB
Processor: i686 (Pentium M, Celeron M or later)
Memory: More than 384MiB


linux Linux bean14042-150406.iso (Date: 2015-04-06, Size: 632.00 MB)
misc Other bean12045-150406.iso (Date: 2015-04-06, Size: 650.00 MB)

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2017-09-22 02:41
Review by 太郎

(2 of 4 people found this review helpful)
非常にわかりやすく使いやすい 仕事にも使えてるしこのos でほとんどのことができる しかも無料でoffice soft まで使えるので大変ありがたい 欲を言えば64bitがあれば最高だけど。。。

2017-08-17 23:34
Review by Anthony

(2 of 4 people found this review helpful)
We asked for a simple task to be done, a few emails to explain the task and its impact. The task was on the Shopify platform. In LinuxBean defence, its very hard to get someone on Shopify to guide properly, you need sometimes a few calls to a few Gurus before you get lucky with one person that will help you figure out something that seems so simple. Linuxbean dropped the ball as soon as it was beyond their knowledge which demonstrates their lack and limitation in understanding Shopify. I do not recommend Shopify users to use Linuxbean for the two reasons above, both parties being difficult to work through a problem and figure out a solution that demands a better understanding of the products and its programming.
They did work on the navigation and I applaud them for their work, eventhough the fear of miscommunication, broken telephone and simply put language barriers were there which made the experience more exhaustive and unpleasant at times.

2017-07-24 06:50
Review by 底抜けに明るい

(5 of 6 people found this review helpful)
LATITUBE/E5500 (メモリー4GB/core2duo) の中古PCにSSDを装填しての使用。 快適過ぎて、もはや「おにかな状態」です^^ 起動が約20秒で完了、是非‥お試しを!!
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