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2021-04-04 20:34
Review by Rehan

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Saya ingit dowload program linux

2020-03-17 08:59
Review by LinuxCubamas

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TL;DR - Quite fast, even on 4k monitor with old desktop. I was rehabbing an old dell desktop, purchased in 2010. It has a very low end graphics card, just enough to handle the 4k LG screen it is attached to. Now, this is why I write a review. After trying Mint and Ubuntu. The installs would not go through, live de would not boot or bootloader got corrupted. Lost about 2 hours time in downloading and trying several fixes. Then, found Linux Lite and it just worked! Netflix and Amazon video just fine. As this desktop was basically to be used as a TV, during this Corona outbreak. Thank you! - Oakland California, March 2020.

2020-03-16 00:49
Review by Max

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great Linux indeed!!! maybe best for old computers!!!

2020-02-05 13:43
Review by atomgreed2255

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Very good distro . Light on resources . Upgrading is simple . Good for VM .
This is the most stylish light weight distro you can get . Every other light weight distro is UGLY in look . Whereas Linux Lite is quite Beautiful . Also it's the only distro I could smoothly run on a virtual machine . Every other distro failed due to various reasons . Lastly easy to upgrade . I upgraded from 4.6 to 4.8 literally with a few clicks .
32 bit hardware is not supported . That's not a big issue now

2019-12-21 04:08
Review by RunningWide

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I think that this a very easy and usefull version of Linux. Thanks