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LuaTeX-ja wiki

LuaTeX-ja is a macro package to typeset Japanese texts using Lua(La)TeX. A goal of this project is to provide an equal or superior typesetting system to ASCII pTeX, which is a traditional standard Japanese TeX engine.


At this moment, there is no stable version. You can download the latest versions from the ,#4Git repository.

LuaTeX-ja is also available from the following archive and distributions:

Recent version of LuaTeX-ja (20150420.0 or later) requires the followings:

  • LuaTeX beta-0.80.0 or later
  • luaotfload package (v2.5 or later)
  • luatexbase package (v0.6 or later)

Also, three CMap files UniJIS2004-UTF32-{H,V} and Adobe-Japan1-UCS2 must be found by Kpathsea. You can check this by kpsewhich command:

$ kpsewhich -format=cmap  UniJIS2004-UTF32-H
$ kpsewhich -format=cmap  Adobe-Japan1-UCS2

Bug information

  • With LuaTeX-ja 20150513.0 (or 20150420.0), accent such as \"o without using the fontspec package causes an error like
    ltj-jfmglue.lua:357: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
    To cope with the error, change lp at l. 357 of ltj-jfmglue.lua to lx, or just use the fontspec package.
  • Current LuaTeX-ja does not work with unicode-math package v0.8(a) (see Ticket #35463 (Japanese)). Please replace lltjp-unicode-math.sty with that of the development repository (or, the one attached to the ticket).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Documentation and talks

See Documentation page.


If you have questions or recognize bugs/have feature requests, we would like you to create a thread in the forum or a ticket in the way which SourceForge.JP supplies: