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Politics (2020-11-30 06:12 by quiret #86238)

Just want to drop this here: I am a huge supporter of Donald Trump. If you want to know why then please head to this post on

I hope that he gets a second term. He is an honest man doing an honest job. There is nothing wrong with that. Please give this man the second term that he deserves.
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Re: Politics (2020-12-05 22:33 by quiret #86263)

Edward Solomon is a great patriot. You can find a very interesting mathematical fraud analysis of the Georgia 2020 election over here:
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Re: Politics (2020-12-10 00:40 by quiret #86294)

I have been watching the political right-wing of the USA throughout many months. The greatest thing about their movement is that they allow every kind of free speech under the guise of the first amendment (see the US constitution). I agree that this is a good idea since every opinion does deserves fair discussion. But today I got frightened how much support calls for violence in today's election hysteria can get. It is rooted deep knowledge about society, distrust due to diversity, frustration and lack of empathy. In my experience, the right wing does have an understandable position. Given the blatant lack of empathy from the far left, the far right is pushing up a major counter-narrative meant to call-out the hidden-inside-the-closet hatred of snobby leftists. But still, even given that situation, I want to heavily distance myself from these calls for violence.

You should know that I am a man that honors God. God has given us this world to live and cherish. You stay in the grace of God as long as you keep your composure, stay focused, are not hiding your true identity from society. But you quickly fall into disdain if you seek the most evil form of punishment in distant yet valid threats. Jesus gave the most gruesome sacrifice to forgive our sin. But even if our past sin was forgiven we have to earn the trust of God by doing the right thing. Reflect upon the other side and think out of their perspective: "does the society still accept me if I am gridlocked into a path of reconciliation?" The far-left would want to pervert Christianity to accept transgender people at this point. That'd be very wrong. God goes above all lusts and desires of mankind. If you seek the blessing of God then please detach yourself from the political thinking (left/right) from time to time. Doing this will improve society in God's name.
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Re: Politics (2021-01-08 21:56 by quiret #86492)

It is going to take a miracle to save the free world. US has been the leader of the free world for just about 4 years now. But if you are willing to initiate yourself into this battle mood then please read my latest posts as well as my posting history:

I am still hopeful that this situation can be fixed. It all depends on this one man in the oval office now and how his emotional status actually is.
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Re: Politics (2021-01-09 21:48 by quiret #86496)

Being a long observer of the Trump movement I wanted to create an important argumental checkpoint based on MAGA optics and it's future. Please take some time to read and focus your mind. The topic is not made for weak minded fools that jump ship per bandwaggon. It is recommended that you have been on the Trump train since 2015/2016.

Stay safe out there.
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Re: Politics (2021-01-10 14:31 by quiret #86506)

This might scare the living daylight out of you, but the intelligence agencies are watching! The mission is to protect US Democracy even though election fraud is a fact based on evidence. Everyone who is now stating that fact is in the crosshairs.

You have been warned!
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Re: Politics (2021-01-12 06:40 by quiret #86518)

The Pence betrayal has made me think. First off it is time to get rid of this poisonous hopium. Even Trump is a victim of it.

1. what other so-called conversative movement in the world has not been compromised? in reality there is no clean slate. having your people 100% in check... in politics this is wishful thinking unless dark powers are involved (blackmailing to create emotional stimulus)
2. has made a huge business mistake by not providing Gab and other alternative media integration; they just have Twitter which is a shithole website.
3. the last four years had all been planned due to Pence. there are many signals like censorship and the counterfeit Trump stores... be real, they would not be up if they were not Chinese to profit off of Trump's base, and they won't be legally challenged because the courts are biased against Trump
4. Trump should COMPLETELY reverse course; become an underground fighter for freedom because the presidency is actually restraining him; he should also return into his Trump Organisation and do keep making america great again through economics

Events are still unfolding...
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Re: Politics (2021-01-23 22:34 by quiret #86791)

As news do shape the perception of many people, on a global scale, I find it important to look at media conglomerates. Occassionally media channels are required run PSAs from their syndicate/conglomerate. This is to cover expenses or fill blank screen time (more likely the former). There are experts watching these channels and it appears as if, under my interpretation, the Sinclair group had made a big mistake by mandating a fixed script for news channels to read. Experts at Deadspin have compiled a video of news anchors even lining up their speech word for word over here:

I have found this footage thanks to my friends at . It is an excellent mission-driven platform of individuals, a syndicate of it's own if you wish.
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Re: Politics (2021-04-20 18:49 by quiret #87376)

Re: Politics (2021-09-21 17:41 by quiret #88062)

It is funny to read my own comments from a few years back. I changed a lot and some of them I delete because they had rigid language. Like that one time I denounced the SPD for being lackeys or swayers in the political wind. Really funny language aside, I still believe that they are but the language I used was wrong. So do not wonder if some of my content disappears over time because I am reminded by other people about my own past.

In the past I had absolute zero respect towards political machines such as exist in Germany. Today I kind of do. This marginal difference is key.
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