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The rift between smartphone and PC generation (2021-11-08 20:00 by quiret #88269)

If you have been using the internet for quite a while you may have noticed those images that display "generations" and try to categorize humans into those by approximated year intervals (generation Z, X, Y, etc). I want to touch upon this sensitive issue of human diversity in this topic, namely the aspect of productivity or drive.

The darkest minds would say that those smartphone users are zombies that are not on the same level as the others. But I don't think that these people are aware of their effects on society as actors due to being born into the smartphone comforts. In all fairness it is not even their fault. The real point I want to talk about is how the smartphone not only is restricting your way of valueing information but it is also making you grow tired of creating own user input.

The human is an animal that likes to adapt and if a device is in daily use that auto-corrects or auto-completes all of your input then you grow tired of correcting yourself or even spelling out complete sentences. Unfortunately this effect is visible in the decline of users on internet forums in favor to app-based platforms. The speed of communication degrades the value of information on fast-paced smartphone app-platforms. While the user does get adapted to being fed a lot more information, where is the limit to make it reasonable? There is none. Society is converging toward a complete denial of self-research.

In order to help the society understand the effects of smartphones on the internet I suggest internet-platforms to show which users are connecting with a smartphone and which ones with a PC. I posted a suggestion on the MTA forums over here:

I gladly welcome your contribution to this discussion.
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