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GTA Trilogy Remastered Blog & Media (2021-11-16 01:13 by quiret #88294)

Since the game bundle that is called "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition" has been out for several days already there has been a buckload of media pushed onto the internet by all kinds of journalists, influencers or technological warriors. It is easy to lose sight of the matter at hand. This is why I want to share good material to assess the developing history behind the recently published titles. Essentially there are two sides: people that hold Rockstar Games accountible + people who generally enjoy the products. I do not want to pick any sides here, especially none that the linked material might be attached to (personal view of the media author, comments attached to the media, etc). But in this topic is what I consider the most thoughtfully arranged media about the games.

A comparison between original game and the trilogy implementation:

GameStar's analysis of the situation (German, caretakingly worded):

Rich Rosado, introduced as Rockstar producer, defends the strategy behind the game's making:

Heavily opinionated, but thorough + modding comparison:

Respectable GTA SA speedrunner takes it on (important for gameplay mechanic details):

Balanced and informed opinion by a GTA enthusiast:

More material may be posted as time goes on.
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Re: GTA Trilogy Remastered Blog & Media (2021-11-23 20:56 by quiret #88313)

Since the bygone release of the game bundle there has been a very diverse public reaction from the media and various internet users about the topic of game quality & performance. A very reasonable by stood out to me which puts the nail into the wound in a thoughtful way:

It does give the strong argument of studio experience and weights it against the publishing of the game bundle. It is difficult situation and we are critizing from a high vantage point.
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Re: GTA Trilogy Remastered Blog & Media (2021-12-01 05:55 by quiret #88341)

I have noticed a visual bug during the Dam and Blast mission in GTA San Andreas where water quads disappear at weird camera angles when looking down after jumping off the plane. It looks like an issue with optimized clipping mathematics still rooting from the PS2 era. But I hope that Rockstar Games does fix such obscurities in their recent set of patches (1.0.3 being released today).
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Re: GTA Trilogy Remastered Blog & Media (2021-12-09 23:08 by quiret #88388)

Here are some interesting videos about the public's reception of the GTA Trilogy updates by Rockstar Games. They are touching on the current game and comparing that to their game vision.

GTA TRILOGY is now Fixed?

More Problems in GTA San Andreas: The Definitive Edition

There are some users who are experiencing very specific issues that are bound to their save games which do not happen to others. These people have opened up support requests on . If you are willing to dive into wild user expression, then I recommend you to search for such issues on that website.
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