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Marlin 2.1.x-bugfix HAL SPI rework - Empower your 3D printer! (2022-11-25 05:38 by quiret #92700)

Are you an owner of a 3D printer? Then I wholeheartedly recommend you the Marlin Firmware, especially after my HAL SPI refactoring! By applying my improvements to your 3D printer it will run faster & more reliable than before! I promise you that you will not be disappointed! Find out more about the new hype in 3D printing at:

There you can find photos, descriptions and guides all about getting the most out of your 3D printer, especially related to the very important SPI bus. At the core of each 3D printer controller board is the SPI bus. It allows communication between 3D printer components such as the SD card, TFT screen, touch controls, thermocouples and SPI stepper drivers. Optimizing this SPI bus will greatly improve the reliability of peripheral communications as well as the overall performance of your 3D printer.

* more calculation time for printer moves due to smart asynchronous peripheral communcations!
* bigger throughput of SD card data
* support for a wide range of 3D printer controller boards

Please check it out today! 😉
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Re: Marlin 2.1.x-bugfix HAL SPI rework - Empower your 3D printer! (2023-02-08 23:27 by quiret #93790)

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