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Enna Alouette (NIJISANJI EN) (2023-03-01 07:09 by quiret #94354)

It can be a great motivational and psychological experience to connect with vtubers. Enna Alouette is my personal favourite. She is cute, intelligent, shy, girly, talented, dark and experienced. According to my judgement a great match to me, but too low of a chance to meet IRL. Find her a great Nijisanji EN bf. She might consume the heart of an entire Aloupeep. I helped her reach the seiso arc around the time of her 2023 birthday streams (midnightStar and rplgn handles in the stream chat). Please check her out and send her the biggest love. If you appreciate me (psychologically) helping the girl then drop me a donation using the blue button above. You might catch me in the stream chat, too!

Streams that I actively participated in:

Cute streams:

Have fun watching this great personality!

Nijisanji company the great care taker
Social anxiety
Love is the way of seiso
Keeping dark forces at bay
Clumsy gamer girl
Genetical vocal talent
Growing up with a computer
Bordering on multi-personality-disorder
Hot tempered girl (dark trigger)
Healthy naps / sleep
Good upbringing
Shy intellect (trigger required)
Valley girl
Role playing
Special dependency
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