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C++20 modules seem amazing! (2021-05-12 01:55 by quiret #87451)

As a C++ developer, I strongly recommend learning the newest C++20 features such as C++ modules.

1) no need for C-style headers anymore; the compiler has got your back with a compilation storage of function signatures and symbols

2) static library dependencies can discard the include directory step, making inter-project dependency setup much easier, simply achieved by inclusion of the .lib (Windows) or .a (Linux) file into your compilation process!

Thus I strongly consider porting all of my C++ projects into a good module pattern.

On the Visual Studio side I can then remove the include directory setups, but use the VC++ project dependency system solely instead (still have to investigate the feasibility and feature-completeness on the IDE's side since I have no idea how well the modules have been implemented by the VS team).

On the Code::Blocks side I am very excited about how they are going to make C++20 modules possible. It appears as if they are not quite there yet. Please support the cause by visiting the following URL and participating in the discussion:,24455.html

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Thank you very much for your attention! 😊❤️