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2020-12-17 22:33 (by quiret)

If you have closely followed my Twitter activities then you might have seen that I have requested a Dark Theme from Ash R. He was the one who suggested it inside the old GTAForums topic. And you wanna know what? It turned out simply amazing (Show more...)


2020-10-17 07:25 (by quiret)

It is time to stamp out those lurking bugs: this weekend marks the beginning of unit-testing season for magic-rw and thus Magic.TXD! Me and my girlfriend will be carefully inspecting the capabilities of each native texture (D3D8/9 especiall (Show more...)


2020-09-18 01:35 (by quiret)

The Magic.TXD editor project is looking out for people willing to contribute translations. TXD files are RenderWare engine texture dictionaries that are primarily used in old GTA titles like GTA San Andreas.
Are you a fluent speaker in the (Show more...)
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