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ManjaroWish-kde-gaming is a manjaro linux kde spin made by me -librewish

it consists of following extra softwares on top of regular manjaro kde

Games steam-manjaro kdegames 0ad gnuchess supertuxkart supertux aisleriot minetest xonotic megaglest gcompris-qt freedroidrpg hedgewars frogatto knights extremetuxracer libretro teeworlds

list of packages cantata handbrake imagewriter gimp krita inkscape firefox-kde-opensuse kmozillahelper qbittorrent neofetch gufw thunderbird fancontrol-kcm vlc mixxx kid3-qt krename converseen telegram-desktop bleachbit kodi lmms fontforge obs-studio mumble calibre blender pdfsam pdf2img-c gtk-recordmydesktop mono wine-staging wine_gecko wine-mono winetricks playonlinux lutris steam-native dosbox vulkan-devel chromium pepper-flash flashplugin timeshift open-fuse-iso code virtualbox linux419-virtualbox-host-modules modem-manager-gui bluez-tools bluez-utils filezilla

and many other kde applications

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