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GNU/Linux Manjaro-X is made for GNOME users with new and stable releases, created specifically for New GNU/Linux Users, Designers, Animators, Film Editors, and GTK Developers. Manjaro-X was also developed from the GNOME edition manjaro-tools. The difference is that some packages are deliberately removed such as the Adapta-matcha theme, excessive manjaro branding, distinctive green colors, or some things that "don't look like GNOME" will be removed. This will restore GNOME's flavor.

The goal of Manjaro-X is to build the Manjaro Distro with the GNOME desktop environment. The developer wants to make it easy for users. Users only install Manjaro-X about 15 minutes later users can immediately forget about it, no need to bother installing codecs, no need to install music and video player applications, no need to install development applications, office applications, or additional design applications. "Just Install and Use", It's that simple and so easy.

System Requirements

Manjaro-X is a hobby project based on Manjaro GNOME.

The computer on which you intend to install Manjaro-X from the live CD should have:

- a DVD or USB drive (minimum 4Gib), and the capability to boot from this drive.
- a 2 GHz processor or faster
- at least 2 GB of memory (RAM)


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