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2020-09-05 02:20
Review by juba

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hallo ich möchten Manjaro linux

2020-08-11 06:01
Review by anonymous

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very good OS now, I use KDE 5 since it is better than ever.

2020-06-22 02:32
Review by tux4fun

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Good Project Tons of 32 architect machines's still in live in despite the manufacturer goals to push this to rubbish. Debian and Archlinux32, Manjaro32 give us opportunity to keep alive 2 decads old machines.

2020-03-29 07:11
Review by Starwalker

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The 32bit iso installs, but fails to update due to dependencies, unfortunately this is still the case and there seem to be no interest from the developers to fix this problem.
Can't say much, general look and feel of the initial installation is OK, but
If it can not be updated, it is almost useless

2020-03-17 13:44
Review by pamcakes

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the operating system can not be updated due to dependency issues that are built in to the iso
ISO is broken on arrival and the operating system cannot be updated

2020-03-04 20:59
Review by aref_ahmad

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THIS IS AWSOME LINUX DISTRO because is only 1.2 giga and it work on 32 bit and 64 bit machines work on old computers and new computers no ERRORS I WISH ARCH DID NOT DROP THE 32 BIT

2020-01-24 22:28
Review by norv

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love it i would do it all over again

2020-01-17 19:17
Review by Loulou

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2019-12-27 02:16
Review by Lissão

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Muito bom o Manjaro. É uma distribuição leve, e com vários recursos.

2019-11-12 18:20
Review by Sami De Miami

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Failed with Fatal ERROR's. Would have like to see this Manjaro both 32bit and 64bit versions... but wasted 2+ hours on each version. Fatal error while loading from DVD. Burned ISO image successfully 3 times. Each time it would boot, it failed to mount the /dev/disk to MJRO1804 and MJRO1812. Exiting caused a fatal error. End Result? Switched to Linux Mint...Did exact burn and load by DVD with Linux Mint successfully with NO ERROR.
NONE... Never successfully loaded
See above description. I speculate Manjaro would load better by USB stick. I don't know. Too bad, you had your chance. Time to move on to a version that fundamentally loads without ERROR. Life is too short to waste this time.