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2019-10-14 00:41
Review by zfffdfd

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I must learn linux so I need this to learn It...

2019-05-14 18:23
Review by Dixie_Flatline

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Excellent design that gives new life to old 32-bit machines. Excellent performance on an old Vaio (2008) .

2018-09-16 04:55
Review by Johansehn

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It's been a while since the latest images have been available but only as RC1. While testing the LiveUSB everything worked great. Excellent hardware detection, even for my troublesome ASUS Eee PC. I went ahead and installed the system only to find out why it is still a release candidate... After installation I was greeted with a very basic, non-customized XFCE desktop and a system which didn't detect my hardware as the LiveUSB did. Since it was too troublesome for me to check what the system needed to be as snappy and customized as the LiveUSB I wiped the drive again and installed a LXDE 64-bit version of Manjaro. I really wanted a 32-bit for this laptop but I guess times have moved beyond...
+ LiveUSB has excellent hardware detection and everything works out of the box. + Very fast and snappy on old systems.
- After installation pretty much every Manjaro customization is not present. - Hardware detection after installation is default and not as good as the LiveUSB.