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2019-05-02 06:09
Review by perromono

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solo quiero jugar dota 2 en manjaro

2018-09-03 07:21
Review by micsim35

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Extremely useful for old or low resource machinery. As such, only LTS kernels are offered which is generally fine for the intended target systems anyhow. Jonathon the maintainer is doing sterling work with the resources and time available to him. The flagship desktop environment is XFCE as per Manjaro and has the same look and feel. Manjaro-Architect is included on the ISO so if you want to install something else instead you can do so.
Very good support system via the Manjaro forum An increasing number of supported packages from both archlinux32 and manjaro repositories
The snapshot ISO is not refreshed at the same frequency as the main Manjaro snapshots are so if you need to do a clean install be ready for a large number of updates to download.

2018-07-22 08:45
Review by 12mafa^rat49

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Well, its better than nothing.
Gives user a choice to not install a 64-bit OS if they don`t want to. Can be used to run multiple VMs with less than 3GB RAM on a high-end system. For trying out multiple GNU/Linux experiments at once.
None, if your work does not need x64 OS This might be not as well-tested and support is uncertain at best, so potential users will be anxious before trying.