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Manjyu is a open source web application for classify URL with your taste. Based on Java EE 6 (JSF Facelets). GlassFish Server or later and PostgreSQL 9.1 is required.

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Released at 2012-11-18 19:00
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Release Notes

= Manjyu =
Manjyu is URL management system for classify URL as you want.


== Demo page ==

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== System Requirements ==
* Based on Java EE 6 (JSF Facelets).
* GlassFish Server or later is required.
* PostgreSQL 9.1 is required.

== Licensing ==
Manjyu is licensed under a LGPL/EPL dual license, allowing use of the files under the terms of any one of the GNU Lesser General Public License or the Eclipse Public License.

== Source Code ==
[ Source Code]

== Technology ==
* Powered By: [ Javadoc]
* Powered By: [ JavaServer Facelets]
* Powered By: [ GlassFish Server]
* Powered By: [ PostgreSQL 9.1]
* Powered By: [ blanco Framework]
* Manjyu coding rule is [ here].


Adding features.
TODO Logon jsf must be HTTPS!
TODO RSS based Murmur I/O.
TODO Add Date directory. (Calendar?) For blog dating.
TODO Blog.
TODO Add location info to Murmur. POINT field will be added to another table.
TODO New Feature: CTXTed Keyword TAB import and export.
TODO Directory: Report error when non exists keyword is specified.