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フリーで OSS な Java 用カレンダーライブラリー。Java SE API 以外に依存ライブラリはありません。

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Released at 2012-11-29 23:22
manjyucalendar manjyu-calendar-0.0.1 (1 files Hide)

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= ManjyuCalendar =
ManjyuCalendar is Free Calendar Library for Java. ManjyuCalendar require Java 1.5 or later. ManjyuCalendar depends Java SE API only.

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== System Requirements ==
Java 1.5 or later.

== Licensing ==
ManjyuCalendar is licensed under a LGPL/EPL/ASL triple license, allowing use of the files under the terms of any one of the GNU Lesser General Public License, the Eclipse Public License, or the Apache License.

== Source Code ==
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First release.