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Aleph One is an open-source descendant of Bungie's _Marathon 2_ first-person 3D shooting game. A1 plays Marathon 2, Infinity, and 3rd-party content on a wide array of platforms, with (optional) OpenGL rendering, Internet play, Lua scripting, and m...

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Released at 2010-01-18 00:04
AlephOneJP(実行用ランタイム) 0.1.5 alpha (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

AlephOne JP v1.5.0alpha

AlephOneを0.23 RC1をベースに日本語化対応させたもの。






・MacOS Xのマウスの問題を解消
・MacOS XでPNGのバンプマップの問題が起こるのを修正
・Double the number of available map indexes (from 32k to 64k)
・Fix Z-fighting issues with glow maps with OpenGL (Shader)
・Use OpenMP to load textures using multiple cores (Linux, 64-bit Snow Leopard)
 ・solo Luaスクリプト
・Fix multiplayer film playback with OpenGL (Shader)
・Fix shader Z problems with media
・Add a 64-bit executable for Snow Leopard
・Numerous 3D model fixes for OpenGL (Shader)
・Fix overwhelming bloom when Gamma Corrected Rendering is enabled
・Honor fog-affects-landscapes setting in OpenGL (Shader)
・Work around a bug with Mac OS X 10.4; OpenGL (Shader) works
・Sprites ignore the Z-buffer in OpenGL (Shader) unless a loaded model requests strict depth behavior using MML
・Save screenshots as PNG
・Fix shifting classic HUD in OpenGL (Shader)
・Increase the maximum sounds loaded at once; with 4 channels, use as much memory as Marathon 2 did. With 32 channels, use 8x that much
・Reset the map file after playing from a saved game
・Fix bug 2893933 (respawning in faux netgame)
・Lua improvements (see Lua.html)
 ・monster_damaged trigger
 ・speed unit documentation
 ・accessors for platform.type, .door, and .locked
 ・, .initial_phase, .initially_active, .intensity, .states
 ・Media.direction, .height, .high, .light, .low, .speed, .type
・Add metadata to in-game PNG screenshots (X, Y, Z, facing, polygon, map pack)
・Allow model skins to specify bump maps
・Fix nodes with multiple clipping windows in OpenGL (Shader)
・Add an option not to scale custom load screens
・Prevent hosting with nonexistent map file
・Enable media fader based on chase-cam position
・Work around for SF 2894880 (weird Rugby behavior/crash when skull is picked up in goal)
・Use a 24-bit Z buffer for OpenGL (Shader)
・Bloom improvements
・Support glow and bloom for 3D models in OpenGL (Shader)
・MML controls for glow and bloom
・Fix bug 1605895 (level specific MML can't set scenery solidity consistently)