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MHash-384 is a fast, portable and secure header-only hash library, released under the MIT license. It provides a very simple "stream processing" API and produces hash values with a length of 384 bits (48 bytes).

The MHash-384 library has originally been written for C and C++. It provides a "plain C" API as well as an object-oriented C++ wrapper. It also supports many compilers (MSVC, GCC, MinGW, etc.) on various platforms (Windows, Linux, etc).

Furthermore, the MHash-384 library has already been ported to various other programming languages. This currently includes the Microsoft.NET platform (C#, VB.NET, etc.), Java, Delphi (Pascal) as well as Python.


win32 Windows (Date: 2020-04-27, Size: 456.74 KB)
linux Linux MHash384.2020-04-26.linux-x64.tgz (Date: 2020-04-27, Size: 819.85 KB)
unix_unknown UNIX MHash384.2020-04-26.freebsd-x64.tgz (Date: 2020-04-27, Size: 644.50 KB)
source Source Code MHash384.2020-04-26.source.tgz (Date: 2020-04-27, Size: 4.11 MB)

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