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"MIDITrail" is a MIDI player which provides 3D visualization of MIDI datasets. You can enjoy not only listening but also viewing. MIDITrail supports SMF format 0/1, and multiple MIDI ports. MIDITrail is available for Windows, macOS and iOS.

System Requirements

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Released at 2019-03-31 22:41
03. MIDITrail for iOS 1.2.3 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

Added features

  • Support for game controller


  • The check mark to switch control on setting screen


  • ゲームコントローラー対応


  • 設定画面のチェックマークをスイッチに変更


  • #39085 Added support for game controller
  • #39086 Changed the check mark to switch control on setting screen
  • #39087 Changed the camera up vector setting on VR view
  • #39085 機能追加:ゲームコントローラー対応
  • #39086 仕様変更:設定画面のチェックマークをスイッチに変更
  • #39087 仕様変更:VRビューでのカメラ上方向の更新