[MinGW-Users] GCC-10: Need help to provide continuing support for Ada

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Keith Marshall keith****@users*****
Wed Apr 28 04:54:10 JST 2021

I've been providing the MinGW builds of GCC, since GCC-4.8.5.  The last
release, which I have provided, is GCC-9.2.0; this week, I have begun to
explore the feasibility of providing a GCC-10.2.0 release.

Many of you will already know that I build these releases by use of a
Linux-hosted cross-compiler, which I build myself, from the same sources
as I ultimately use for the crossed-native Windows release.  In the case
of GCC-10.2.0, I have successfully completed a cross-compiler build, but
to do so, I have found it necessary to drop support for Ada.

In fact, with every GCC release on which I have worked, the upstream
maintainers have introduced a new crop of gratuitous breakages within
the Ada component.  Unless I can successfully build an Ada-capable
cross-compiler, I cannot produce a crossed-native Ada-capable build;
however, I have no personal interest in Ada, and I am no longer willing
to invest my time, and effort, into chasing down the upstream Ada bugs.
Therefore, unless someone else steps up to the challenge, to assist in
the debugging effort, GCC-9.2.0 will be the last MinGW release which
will include support for Ada.


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