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HTML source code, style-sheets, scripts, and images for deployment on mingw.osdn.io

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Revisionfc1c502cae655eaf9db46cc58bbbaff2b277a28a (tree)
Time2022-11-10 06:46:47
AuthorKeith Marshall <keith@user...>
CommiterKeith Marshall

Log Message

Revise first-time installation instructions.

* setup.html (PATH, HOME): Clarify environment configuration advice;
suggest an alternative configuration method, via start-up shortcut.

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- a/setup.html
+++ b/setup.html
@@ -569,8 +569,39 @@ this, then the <code>PATH</code> setting in the process environment
569569 you <em>should</em>&hairsp; modify the environment configuration,
570570 as advised below.
571571 </li></ul>
572-<p>If the preceding check indicates that
573+a number of MinGW applications&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;any comtemporary
574+version of the GNU Debugger being a notable example&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;may
575+require a definition of the <code>HOME</code> environment variable.
577+<code>Unix</code> systems define this,
578+to represent the path name of the current user&#8217;s
579+default working directory,
580+but MS&#8209;Windows uses the <code>USERPROFILE</code> variable
581+for this purpose,
582+so <code>HOME</code> is not normally defined.
584+<p>To check whether the <code>HOME</code> variable is defined,
585+or not:&ndash;
587+<ul><li>Run the command:
588+<pre class="vt box-out">
589+C:\Users\me&gt; <kbd>echo %HOME%</kbd>
591+in a <code>Command</code>&#8197;<code>Prompt</code> console window;
592+if <code>HOME</code> has been suitably configured,
593+this should produce output similar to:
594+<pre class="vt box-out">
595+C:\Users\me&gt; <kbd>echo %HOME%</kbd>
598+but it is more likely to produce no output at all,
599+in which case you should consider adding a <code>HOME</code> variable
600+definition to your environment variables configuration.
602+<p>If the preceding checks indicate that
573603 the <code>PATH</code> configuration needs to be adjusted,
604+or that the <code>HOME</code> variable has not been defined,
574605 then you should proceed as follows:&ndash;
575606 </p><ul>
576607 <li>From the system <span class="nowrap">
@@ -636,6 +667,11 @@ assign your equivalent for <code>C:\MinGW\bin</code>,
636667 with prefix substitution as required,
637668 as its value.
638669 </li>
670+<li>Similarly, to add a definition for the <code>HOME</code> variable,
671+click the <code>New</code> button, and create the requisite entry;
672+it should be given a suitable value, which typically, could be to
673+inherit the value of the <code>USERPROFILE</code> variable.
639675 <li>Click the <code>OK</code> button on each nested dialogue box,
640676 as you walk focus back to the top level of the <span class="nowrap">
641677 <code>Control</code>&#8197;<code>Panel</code></span>,
@@ -681,24 +717,26 @@ you should name this new &#8220;shortcut&#8221; as
681717 or any similar alternative name of your own choice.
682718 <li>Set the <code>Target</code> of your new &#8220;shortcut&#8221; to:
683719 <pre class="vt box-out">
684-<kbd>%comspec% /k path %PATH%;C:\MinGW\bin</kbd>
720+<kbd>%comspec% /c path %PATH%;C:\MinGW\bin&amp;set HOME=%USERPROFILE%&amp;%comspec%</kbd>
685721 </pre>
686722 (with substitution for <code>C:\MinGW</code>, as appropriate,
687723 if you chose an alternative prefix at installation time).
688724 Alternatively, create a new MS&#8209;Windows batch file,
689725 (called <span class="nowrap"><code>C:\MinGW\mingw.bat</code>,</span>
690-for example), within which the:
726+for example), with content similar to:
691727 <pre class="vt box-out">
728+<kbd>set HOME=%USERPROFILE%</kbd>
692729 <kbd>path %PATH%;C:\MinGW\bin</kbd>
693731 </pre>
694-<code>PATH</code> augmentation command is executed,
695732 and set the &#8220;shortcut&#8221; <code>Target</code> to:
696733 <pre class="vt box-out">
697-<kbd>%comspec% /k C:\MinGW\mingw.bat</kbd>
734+<kbd>%comspec% /c C:\MinGW\mingw.bat</kbd>
698735 </pre>
699736 (This latter alternative offers greater flexibility than the former,
700737 insofar as the batch file may be modified to accommodate configuration
701-options beyond the minimally required <code>PATH</code> augmentation).
738+options beyond the minimally required <code>PATH</code> augmentation,
739+and the recommended <code>HOME</code> variable assignment).
702740 </li>
703741 <li>Access the properties of the new &#8220;shortcut&#8221;,
704742 and set the start&#8209;up directory path name, within the
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