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402672020-03-19 18:052020-05-02 03:52older version of MSYS dos2unix installedcstrausstamir_evanIssuesINSTALLER5 - Medium5 - MediumOpenFixed00000.0%0.0%
392462019-05-17 07:442021-04-01 18:56Please update MSYS awk; current awk-3.1.7 implementation is too old to remain viablecstrausskeithFeature RequestMSYS5 - Medium5 - MediumOpenNone1101100.0%0.0%
383562018-06-26 17:132019-12-24 03:13MSYS make fails to compile project(couldn't commit memory for cygwin heap)cstrausskmilevIssuesMSYS5 - Medium5 - MediumOpenNone1101100.0%0.0%