[en] CVS Repository Lab (CVSlab) opened
2002-06-09 01:28 (by henoheno)

Minix-up project announced that CVSlab, another 
disclosure interface of CVS Repository via WWW 
is opened.

We will put the pilot-versions of MINIX Historical 
CVS Repository here.

---- Q&A

[Q1] I think there's also cvs service... why your project have its own? 
[A1] We need CVS-Repository accessibility that allows to configure Repository-datas directly. Because we want to design, build, and debug them all. 

[Q2] What's your purpose on this? 
[A2] To disclose Historical CVS Repository (pilot version) frequently via WWW.

[Q3] Is there anonymous-cvs service? 
[A3] For the present no. Because this is only SourceForge.jp's WWW and CGI service. 
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