[en] MINIX 2.0.2 image for Bochs
2002-06-18 01:11 (by henoheno)

This is the MINIX 2.0.2 pre-installed HDD image file for Bochs PC emulator.
If you use this with Bochs, you will taste MINIX as soon as possible ;-)


[What's Bochs?] 
 "Bochs is a highly portable open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator" 


MINIX 2.0.2 image for Bochs
$Revision: 1.2 $ by minix-up project

Test environment

  * Windows 2000 + Bochs 1.3 / 1.4 (both font patched)
  * FreeBSD 4.5-REL + Bochs 1.4
    (builded from corrent /usr/ports/emulators/bochs)

NOTE: MINIX and Bochs

  (1) Bochs 1.4 can not boot MINIX 2.0.2 FD (ROOT.MNX).
     You shuold use Bochs 1.3 when you install MINIX 2.0.2.

     For more detail:

  (2) Font problem about Bochs (win32 only)
     Bochs win32 (1.2.1 to 1.4) have a font problem about
     bitmap-font data 0, shoud be ' ' but '@'.  You must
     compile bochs with a patch below, or edit bochs.exe
     binary (may the patch tells you what to do).

     For more detail:


  30M.sample     -- HDD image file, MINIX 2.0.2 already installed
    ('30M.sample' is default filename for bochs)

  .bochsrc       -- Bochs options file
    ('.bochsrc' is default filename for bochs)

  .bochsrc.org   -- Bochs options file, original (from bochs 1.3)

  bximage.script -- bximage.exe log that create "30M.sample"

  patch.vga.bitmap.h -- Patch for font problem '@', at

How to use

  1. Put '30M.sample' and '.bochsrc' into bochs direcotory

  2. Run bochs, return, return, and return.

     -- Remember, win32 bochs needs font patch!

  3. When bochs shut down quietly, see 'bochsout.txt' for detail.

     -- Usually the position of BIOS and VGABIOS images
        are differ from binary and source distribution.

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