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2019-09-25 02:27 (by fedoramedia_cf)

"mklauncher" for "FreeBSD" is in stable state, and it can be used in production.
-)Now the directories for launchers are located by means of detection.
-)"mklauncher" creates the folder "$HOME/.local/sh (Show more...)


2019-08-21 21:19 (by fedoramedia_cf)

Binary packages "i386 (32 bits)" and "amd64 (64 bits)", available for installation in "FreeBSD".


2019-07-23 04:53 (by fedoramedia_cf)

The new "mklauncher" website is now available :


2019-06-19 23:17 (by fedoramedia_cf)

An error was fixed, which prevented "mklauncher" from creating launchers in multilingual desktops.


2019-06-10 20:42 (by fedoramedia_cf)

You can ask any question about "mklauncher", simply you must open a new "Ticket". To do this, click on the "Report Bugs" option :
"Type of this Ticket" = <<Support Request>>


2019-06-08 04:33 (by fedoramedia_cf)

Installation instructions for "GNU/Linux" 32 and 64 bits were added, as well as installation from the sources for FreeBSD/"Unix alike". They were added many examples of use, and instructions to create customized "PNG" icons with the "iconrb" command.
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