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Motonesemu is a simplified NES emulator which is designed to study emulation technology. It supports only a part of NES because there are many NES emulator in the world already. Instead, it aims at "study" mainly. And it is designed to emulate eac...

System Requirements

System requirements:
- Linux
- GTK2.0


Extract package:tar xvfz motonesemu-0.9.0.src.tar.gz Play:cd motonesemu-0.9.0/bin ./nesemu path-to-nes-image.nes Source build:tar xvfz motonesemu-0.9.0.src.tar.gz cd motonesemu-0.9.0 make Show How to Install


Preparation:First you will need to prepare NES ROM image to use this emulator. Please go google and find some NES ROM image. Since this emulator is a study purpose application, ONLY mapper 0 ROM is... Show Usage


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