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M+ 1mn not recognised as monospace due to spacing (2018-12-14 19:06 by j5lx #82269)

Hi, I recently started using a new terminal emulator called kitty[1] which I like quite a lot. However I noticed that I cannot change the font in this program to M+ 1mn. After some investigation, it seems that this is because M+ 1mn has its spacing property set to 90, while kitty requires monospace fonts to have spacing set to 100. According to kitty’s author, a spacing value of 90 in monospace fonts means that they are badly designed[2] and he seems to be rather sure of that. Now I don’t know anything about font design or what exactly the purpose of this spacing property is, but would it be possible to change it to 100?

Thanks a lot for creating the M+ fonts and M+ 1mn in particular, I couldn’t live without them. Keep up the good work!


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