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.Net Assemblies for accessing the following Office applications:

Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio, Publisher

- Professional developers choice for having more options in the low/detail level

- Full maintained with rapid response for your problem regarding NetOffice

- Office integration without version limitations - Active support in version independent development. - Reduced and more readable code with automatic management of COM proxies

- Easy Addin Development(This is what NetOffice is designed for)

- disagree to all Steve Guggenheimer(MSFT) statements

System Requirements

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Released at 2018-02-02 15:07
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Release Notes

"NetOffice" contains all examples, tutorials, assemblies, source and the toolbox application. Please see: "ChangeLog.txt", "Bugfixes.txt", "BreakingChanges.txt" in this download for further informations.

"NetOffice Toolbox" is only the toolbox application and its dependencies.


--- Version ---

01.) COMAddin supports custom addin object - see word addin example "06 Custom Addin Object"

--- Version ---

01.) The tutorials demonstrate most of the new core features(dynamics, cloning, etc)

02.) Skip support for old .Net Runtime versions - minimum is .Net 4.0(Client Profile)

Want to support .Net 4(and any higher of course) as long as possible because it is the last WindowsXP compatible Runtime. (NetOffice 1.7.3 with .Net 2/3 support is still available in the download section)

03.) Microsoft Publisher is now into play.

04.) Add MSFormsApi.dll to support VBE ui controls

05.) Total size of the assemblies is 25% smaller

06.) Extended support for MS-Excel RTD Server (see COMAddin examples)

07.) Extended support for Document Inspector in MS-Word (see COMAddin examples)

08.) Extended support for custom MS-Outlook property pages and Form Regions (see COMAddin examples)

09.) CustomUI attribute can handle ribbon id's now

10.) Suppress outlook security is now available in NetOffice.OutlookApi.Tools.Contribution.Security

11.) Spend Contribution utils as optional service for common tasks

12.) Developer Toolbox source is available on or SVN:

13.) Official mirror on github is "netofficefw" - NOT "netoffice"