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Open Date: 2015-11-12 21:39 Last Update: 2015-11-13 15:04

Reporter: nishimoto Owner: nishimoto
Type: Bugs Status: Closed
Component: 点訳エンジン MileStone: 2015.4jp (closed)
Priority: 5 - Medium Severity: 5 - Medium
Resolution: Fixed




を点字ビューワーが有効な状態で読み上げようとすると (点字ディスプレイが有効な場合も同様と思われますが) 下記のエラーになり、点字も音声もどちらも出力できないという状況のようです。

ERROR - scriptHandler.executeScript (21:36:17):
error executing script: <bound method Dynamic_IAccessibleEditWindowNVDAObject.script_caret_moveByLine of <NVDAObjects.Dynamic_IAccessibleEditWindowNVDAObject object at 0x0207AC70>> with gesture u'上矢印'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "scriptHandler.pyo", line 186, in executeScript
  File "editableText.pyo", line 149, in script_caret_moveByLine
  File "editableText.pyo", line 103, in _caretMovementScriptHelper
  File "editableText.pyo", line 89, in _caretScriptPostMovedHelper
  File "speech.pyo", line 1025, in speakTextInfo
  File "speech.pyo", line 573, in speak
  File "gui\brailleViewer.pyo", line 48, in appendText
  File "synthDrivers\jtalk\translator2.pyo", line 1189, in getReadingAndBraille
  File "synthDrivers\jtalk\translator2.pyo", line 1182, in translateWithInPos2
  File "synthDrivers\jtalk\translator2.pyo", line 924, in japanese_braille_separate
  File "synthDrivers\jtalk\translator2.pyo", line 349, in replace_digit_morphs
  File "synthDrivers\jtalk\translator2.pyo", line 307, in concatinate_morphs
IndexError: list index out of range

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