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Time2011-01-05 05:06:12

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D3D9Client: payload bay fix and layout refactoring
* Payload bay issue is fixed.
* The *.fx scripts and the D3D9ClientLog.html are moved from the root folder to

Modules/D3D9Client/ so, clean up the files from the root.

D3D9Client.dll is now linked with release runtime libraries.
D3D9ClientSL.dll is using a static linking with debug runtime libraries.


RC3 - RC7:
* The sun issue should be fixed.
* Some VC related fixes are made so pay attention that everything is working


* I have added some code that might fix the clbkUpdate() clbkPostCreation()


* AMSO should be working at some level. There is only very little testing done.

(Problem: Takes about 5-20 seconds to shutdown a simulation)

* The shadow bug should be fixed.
* MFD conflict with the backbuffer multisampling should be fixed.
* MFD scaling issue is fixed.

* Sketchpad is now using GPU acceleration when drawing into a backbuffer. This

will fix the framerate impact caused by HUD. Also, screen annotations won't
slowdown the system anymore. AMSO frame rate is improved a lot but the meshes
aren't working.

* Some mipmap and high resolution tile issues are fixed. Lvl 14 should be

working as well as in the inline engine.

* Experimental backbuffer multisampling is implemented. It can cause some

rendering problems like MFDs not working in old style 2D panels. That bug
should be possible to fix later. (Multisampling is automatically disabled when
a simulation session is closed. Enable from Video Tab)

* Transparent glass cockpit is implemented.
* The shadow position bug should be fixed.
* Some exhaust clipping issues should be fixed.

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