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Revisionca2e80ca32cdb7bf69d398059c4d6d0bbb9769e9 (tree)
Time2011-06-01 07:00:00

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D3D9Client: planet surface, sunrise/sunset timing and CTD fixed
* Planet surface, basetile and building lighting issues are fixed.
* Orbital sunrise/sunset timing issues are fixed.
* Quaoar(planet) related CTD is fixed.
* Distance fog is re-implemented using programmable pipeline.

* Specular tile edge bug is fixed
* ShuttleFleet smoke issue is fixed
* Missing planet name from the HUD is fixed
* Font rotation added in sketchpad should work with MFDs. (Doesn't work yet when

rendering in backbuffer).

* Some ambient light issues fixed.
* Fixed 2.5m ext.pass near clipping plane. (NearClipPlaneMode in D3D9Client.cfg

0=Legacy 1=Automatic)

* GDI compatibility mode implemented to fix HUD related issues.
* Surface base markers added
* Vessel beacons fixed
* Some mesh material and texture inheritance issues fixed.

* Water specular reflection bug fixed
* Some camera lag issues fixed
* Celestial body marker issue fixed
* Celestial body dots implemented
* New Fullscreen mode implemented
* Vessel shadow bug on the Moon fixed
* Old style MapMFD bug fixed
* Near clipping plane issues are fixed.
* The bug causing a solar panels and some other meshes to disappear is fixed.
* SoyuzTMA animation/meshgroup bug during separation is fixed.
* Vessel shadow disappear bug is fixed.
* Slow startup & shutdown issues fixed.
* Simulation freezing with AMSO during staging is fixed.
* Framerate increased.
* Cloud layer shadow bug in the outer planets should be fixed.
* Sketchpad drawing into the backbuffer is improved. (filled rectangles and

elipses implemented)

* Fixed missing Phobos & Deimos

* Fixed missing close button from a dialog boxes. (Windows 7) The help "?"-

button is still missing.

* Improved mesh culling for mesh groups those are too small/far to be visible.
* Multisambling disabled from Fullscreen mode due to conflict with dialog


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