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Orbiter.NET: List of commits

Rev. Time Author
89b6657c2c11 orbiterdotnet tip 2011-02-22 06:48:14 Face

Packaging: upgrade to Orbiter 2010

e23423af0d94 orbiterdotnet 2009-11-04 03:38:45 Face

Added system time, step, acceleration and pause functions.

3f3c765b0c0e orbiterdotnet 2008-11-18 05:24:49 at0fk

Changed some binaries.
Added ReleaseMeMFD and InterCom projects.

2783da92d533 orbiterdotnet 2008-09-03 03:02:30 face__

[svn r37] Fixed GetClassNameA issue.

975d62cbb663 orbiterdotnet 2008-04-25 02:52:45 face__

[svn r36] Updated sandcastle help builder configuration file and result.

5917597e7691 orbiterdotnet 2008-04-23 17:00:48 face__

[svn r35] Added fix for ClassName.

66d068816ca2 orbiterdotnet 2007-06-13 01:44:37 face__

[svn r34] Implemented DrawHUD of DeltaGlider together with needed oapi- and vessel-functions.

7a010f96b65c orbiterdotnet 2007-06-12 02:03:05 face__

[svn r33] Some more vessel and oapi-function in order to make the DeltaGlider airborne.

a7e971f0b352 orbiterdotnet 2007-06-07 04:02:55 face__

[svn r32] Started Airfoil delegate implementation.

4506b2fc4952 orbiterdotnet 2007-06-06 03:17:48 face__

[svn r31] Added some more oapi-functions as well as vessel-functions to further complete SetClassCaps method of DeltaGlider.

8a1eebef47b9 orbiterdotnet 2007-06-02 01:27:53 face__

[svn r30] Added some SetClassCaps implementation using ShuttlePBdotNETModule as testbed.

4cbfbf642eec orbiterdotnet 2007-05-18 22:58:00 face__

[svn r29] Added some animation and propellant functions to Vessel-interface.

573b8e0e869f orbiterdotnet 2007-04-02 02:58:11 face__

[svn r28] Added the mesh-group transformation-class wrappers. Fixed post-build events. Removed unused OrbiterAPI.h .

9dc06b2b84a8 orbiterdotnet 2007-04-01 04:46:30 face__

[svn r27] Implemented all callbacks in Orbiter.Launcher/Launcher.cpp. Added scripts for better build functionality. Now all projects have either an SDK-deploy or a vessel-deploy post-build event. The projects build into the /bin/ folders, creating local copies of all references. This was due to problems with Visual Studio's build process (File lockings, wrong assembly-version etc.).
This solution should be stable and expandable now (just create PlanetDeploy and PluginDeploy batch-scripts similar to VesselDeploy.bat). VesselDeploy.bat creates the proper launcher copy automatically during the build process, too.

003daa580012 orbiterdotnet 2007-04-01 00:25:11 face__

[svn r26] Added plugin and planet module-interfaces as well as changed launcher system. Implementation of callbacks NOT checked in...

0ad4b17492b8 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-31 22:33:57 face__

[svn r25] Cleaned up the repository: removed Orbiter.Interfaces.dll and Orbiter.Wrapper.dll from /modules/DotNET/, because it shouldn't be located there (either it is loaded from the application-root, or from the GAC, but not from the DotNET directories. Removed obj-directory in Orbiter.Interfaces, too - mistake?

ae209cd68cf3 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-28 15:42:17 smirlreverend

[svn r24] First experimentation with Overridden vessel classes.
ShuttleVBOverloaded is a SubClass of ShuttleVB, however the SetClassCaps and DrawHUD functions have been overridden to provide alternate functionality. This saves someone from having to recompile the entire vessel, when in fact they can change only a few parameters if that's all they need. Yes, it works!

59775d6139e1 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-28 05:10:09 smirlreverend

[svn r23] Added some Warning Suppression to hide the 200+ warnings related to XML documentation

5632f52ade62 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-28 04:27:12 smirlreverend

[svn r22] Ported my GDI+ Example from ShuttleVB to C# and Added to DrawHUD in ShuttlePBdotNET.dll
Changed the output directory for StockVessels to /Modules/DotNET instead of /bin/Debug
Changed the output directory for Interfaces and Wrapper to the Orbiter Root folder. This relieves the need to add those Assemblies to the GAC, allowing plugins to be distributed as Zip files without the need for an installer).

aee5dd2139c2 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-28 03:56:27 smirlreverend

[svn r21] Add Vector3 ThrustVector { get;}
Vector3 LiftVector { get;}
Vector3 DragVector { get;}
double Drag { get;}
double Lift { get;}

ccfb7cbf1985 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-28 03:37:47 smirlreverend

[svn r20] Removed Temp files from ShuttleVB Project

cee12ec779be orbiterdotnet 2007-03-28 03:36:27 smirlreverend

[svn r19] Forgot to add duplicate of the ShuttlePBdotnet.dll (copy of ShuttleVB Launcher) in the Modules folder. This is a binary only, no code changes.

4e411d38ead6 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-28 03:26:55 smirlreverend

[svn r18] For some reason, the GDI+ Graphics Implementation in ShuttleVB.DrawHUD didn't stay. Re-added. Also Added Launcher.DLL for ShuttleVB, and Config Files, and modified the ShuttleVB Project to build output to the Modules/DotNET folder.

9ab2860e6e9e orbiterdotnet 2007-03-27 21:33:24 face__

[svn r17] Removed auto-generated directories from repository. ShuttleVBdotnet project is left untouched, though.

9ed990518c33 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-27 21:28:41 face__

[svn r16] Removed auto-generated files from repository. ShuttleVBdotnet project is left untouched, though.

76179f19a4fb orbiterdotnet 2007-03-27 12:46:16 smirlreverend

[svn r15] Added ForceVector and WeightVector properties to Vessel class.
Implemented simple DrawString function in ShuttleVB DrawHUD to demonstrate how to use .NET System.Drawing to draw on the Orbiter screen.

4718482aecdc orbiterdotnet 2007-03-27 05:33:21 smirlreverend

[svn r14]

a5ffe9786ac7 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-23 05:45:35 face__

[svn r13]

c604194ef07e orbiterdotnet 2007-03-22 01:50:25 face__

[svn r12] Converted constants, enumerations, structures (most of them) and variables.

eae4f8ccb427 orbiterdotnet 2007-03-21 02:08:26 face__

[svn r11] Finished Ramjet class, started OAPI mono-state class.

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