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Revision5917597e769159ac2295984fce420b77a0e8ad07 (tree)
Time2008-04-23 17:00:48

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[svn r35] Added fix for ClassName.

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diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 Orbiter.Interfaces.dll
Binary file Orbiter.Interfaces.dll has changed
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 Orbiter.Wrapper.dll
Binary file Orbiter.Wrapper.dll has changed
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 Orbitersdk/include/VesselAPI.h
--- /dev/null Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/Orbitersdk/include/VesselAPI.h Wed Apr 23 10:00:48 2008 +0200
@@ -0,0 +1,458 @@
1+// ======================================================================
3+// Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Martin Schweiger
4+// All rights reserved
5+// VesselAPI.h
6+// - VESSEL class interface
7+// - VESSEL2 class extensions
8+// ======================================================================
10+#ifndef __VESSELAPI_H
11+#define __VESSELAPI_H
13+// reference frame flags
14+#define FRAME_ECL 0
15+#define FRAME_EQU 1
17+class Vessel; // Orbiter internal vessel class
19+// ======================================================================
20+// class VESSEL
21+// This is the base class for addon vessel classes.
22+// ======================================================================
26+ VESSEL (OBJHANDLE hVessel, int fmodel = 1);
27+ inline int Version() const { return version; }
28+ static OBJHANDLE Create (const char *name, const char *classname, const VESSELSTATUS &status);
29+ const OBJHANDLE GetHandle (void) const;
30+ char *GetName (void) const;
32+ char *GetClassNameA (void) const;
34+ char *GetClassName (void) const;
36+ int GetFlightModel (void) const;
37+ int GetDamageModel (void) const;
38+ bool GetEnableFocus (void) const;
39+ double GetSize (void) const;
40+ void SetSize (double) const;
41+ void SetVisibilityLimit (double vislimit, double spotlimit = -1) const;
42+ double GetClipRadius (void) const;
43+ void SetClipRadius (double) const;
44+ double GetMass (void) const;
45+ double GetEmptyMass (void) const;
46+ double GetISP (void) const;
47+ double GetMaxThrust (ENGINETYPE eng) const;
48+ double GetEngineLevel (ENGINETYPE eng) const;
49+ double *GetMainThrustModPtr (void) const;
50+ int GetAttitudeMode (void) const;
51+ bool SetAttitudeMode (int mode) const;
52+ int ToggleAttitudeMode (void) const;
53+ DWORD GetADCtrlMode (void) const;
54+ void SetADCtrlMode (DWORD mode) const;
55+ void GetAttitudeRotLevel (VECTOR3 &th) const;
56+ void GetAttitudeLinLevel (VECTOR3 &th) const;
57+ double GetManualControlLevel (THGROUP_TYPE thgt, DWORD mode = MANCTRL_ATTMODE, DWORD device = MANCTRL_ANYDEVICE) const;
58+ double GetCOG_elev (void) const;
59+ void GetCrossSections (VECTOR3 &cs) const;
60+ void GetCW (double &cw_z_pos, double &cw_z_neg, double &cw_x, double &cw_y) const;
61+ double GetWingAspect (void) const;
62+ double GetWingEffectiveness (void) const;
63+ void GetRotDrag (VECTOR3&) const;
64+ double GetPitchMomentScale (void) const;
65+ double GetBankMomentScale (void) const;
66+ double GetTrimScale (void) const;
67+ void GetPMI (VECTOR3&) const;
68+ void GetCameraOffset (VECTOR3&) const;
69+ void GetCameraDefaultDirection (VECTOR3&) const;
70+ void GetStatus (VESSELSTATUS &status) const;
71+ void GetStatusEx (void *status) const;
72+ DWORD GetFlightStatus (void) const;
73+ const OBJHANDLE GetGravityRef () const;
74+ const OBJHANDLE GetSurfaceRef () const;
75+ const OBJHANDLE GetAtmRef () const;
76+ double GetAtmTemperature (void) const;
77+ double GetAtmDensity (void) const;
78+ double GetAtmPressure (void) const;
79+ double GetDynPressure (void) const;
80+ double GetMachNumber (void) const;
81+ double GetAltitude (void) const;
82+ double GetAirspeed (void) const;
83+ bool GetHorizonAirspeedVector (VECTOR3 &v) const;
84+ bool GetShipAirspeedVector (VECTOR3 &v) const;
85+ double GetAOA (void) const;
86+ double GetSlipAngle (void) const;
87+ double GetPitch (void) const;
88+ double GetBank (void) const;
89+ void GetGlobalPos (VECTOR3 &pos) const;
90+ void GetGlobalVel (VECTOR3 &vel) const;
91+ void GetRelativePos (OBJHANDLE hRef, VECTOR3 &pos) const;
92+ void GetRelativeVel (OBJHANDLE hRef, VECTOR3 &vel) const;
93+ void GetLinearMoment (VECTOR3 &F) const;
94+ void GetAngularVel (VECTOR3 &avel) const;
95+ void SetAngularVel (const VECTOR3 &avel) const;
96+ void GetAngularAcc (VECTOR3 &aacc) const;
97+ void GetAngularMoment (VECTOR3 &amom) const;
98+ void GetGlobalOrientation (VECTOR3 &arot) const;
99+ void SetGlobalOrientation (const VECTOR3 &arot) const;
100+ OBJHANDLE GetEquPos (double &longitude, double &latitude, double &radius) const;
101+ OBJHANDLE GetElements (ELEMENTS &el, double &mjd_ref) const;
102+ bool GetElements (OBJHANDLE hRef, ELEMENTS &el, ORBITPARAM *prm = 0, double mjd_ref = 0, int frame = FRAME_ECL) const;
103+ bool SetElements (OBJHANDLE hRef, const ELEMENTS &el, ORBITPARAM *prm = 0, double mjd_ref = 0, int frame = FRAME_ECL) const;
104+ OBJHANDLE GetArgPer (double &arg) const;
105+ OBJHANDLE GetSMi (double &smi) const;
106+ OBJHANDLE GetApDist (double &apdist) const;
107+ OBJHANDLE GetPeDist (double &pedist) const;
108+ void SetEnableFocus (bool enable) const;
109+ void SetEmptyMass (double m) const;
110+ bool SetGravityGradientDamping (double damp) const;
111+ double GetGravityGradientDamping (void) const;
112+ void SetISP (double) const;
113+ void SetMaxThrust (ENGINETYPE eng, double th) const;
114+ void SetEngineLevel (ENGINETYPE eng, double level) const;
115+ void IncEngineLevel (ENGINETYPE eng, double dlevel) const;
116+ void SetAttitudeRotLevel (const VECTOR3 &th) const;
117+ void SetAttitudeRotLevel (int axis, double th) const;
118+ void SetAttitudeLinLevel (const VECTOR3 &th) const;
119+ void SetAttitudeLinLevel (int axis, double th) const;
120+ bool ActivateNavmode (int mode);
121+ bool DeactivateNavmode (int mode);
122+ bool ToggleNavmode (int mode);
123+ bool GetNavmodeState (int mode);
124+ void SetCOG_elev (double h) const;
125+ void SetCrossSections (const VECTOR3&) const;
126+ void SetCW (double cw_z_pos, double cw_z_neg, double cw_x, double cw_y) const;
127+ void SetWingAspect (double aspect) const;
128+ void SetWingEffectiveness (double eff) const;
129+ void SetRotDrag (const VECTOR3 &rd) const;
130+ void SetPitchMomentScale (double scale) const;
131+ void SetBankMomentScale (double scale) const;
132+ void SetPMI (const VECTOR3 &pmi) const;
133+ void SetAlbedoRGB (const VECTOR3 &albedo) const;
134+ void SetTrimScale (double scale) const;
135+ void SetCameraOffset (const VECTOR3 &co) const;
136+ void SetCameraDefaultDirection (const VECTOR3 &cd) const;
137+ void SetCameraDefaultDirection (const VECTOR3 &cd, double tilt) const;
138+ void SetCameraRotationRange (double left, double right, double up, double down) const;
139+ void SetCameraShiftRange (const VECTOR3 &fpos, const VECTOR3 &lpos, const VECTOR3 &rpos) const;
140+ void SetCameraMovement (const VECTOR3 &fpos, double fphi, double ftht, const VECTOR3 &lpos, double lphi, double ltht, const VECTOR3 &rpos, double rphi, double rtht) const;
141+ void SetLiftCoeffFunc (LiftCoeffFunc lcf) const;
142+ void SetTouchdownPoints (const VECTOR3 &pt1, const VECTOR3 &pt2, const VECTOR3 &pt3) const;
143+ void GetTouchdownPoints (VECTOR3 &pt1, VECTOR3 &pt2, VECTOR3 &pt3) const;
144+ void DefSetState (const VESSELSTATUS *status) const;
145+ void DefSetStateEx (const void *status) const;
146+ void SaveDefaultState (FILEHANDLE scn) const;
147+ void ParseScenarioLine (char *line, VESSELSTATUS *status) const;
148+ void ParseScenarioLineEx (char *line, void *status) const;
149+ void ClearMeshes () const;
150+ void ClearMeshes (bool retain_anim) const;
151+ UINT AddMesh (const char *meshname, const VECTOR3 *ofs=0) const;
152+ UINT AddMesh (MESHHANDLE hMesh, const VECTOR3 *ofs=0) const;
153+ UINT InsertMesh (const char *meshname, UINT idx, const VECTOR3 *ofs=0) const;
154+ UINT InsertMesh (MESHHANDLE hMesh, UINT idx, const VECTOR3 *ofs=0) const;
155+ bool DelMesh (UINT idx, bool retain_anim=false) const;
156+ bool ShiftMesh (UINT idx, const VECTOR3 &ofs) const;
157+ void ShiftMeshes (const VECTOR3 &ofs) const;
158+ MESHHANDLE GetMesh (VISHANDLE vis, UINT idx) const;
159+ void SetMeshVisibilityMode (UINT meshidx, WORD mode) const;
160+ void SetMeshVisibleInternal (UINT meshidx, bool visible) const;
161+ bool MeshgroupTransform (VISHANDLE vis, const MESHGROUP_TRANSFORM &mt) const;
162+ void SetExhaustScales (EXHAUSTTYPE exh, WORD id, double lscale, double wscale) const;
163+ void SetReentryTexture (SURFHANDLE tex, double plimit=6e7, double lscale=1.0, double wscale=1.0) const;
164+ void ShiftCentreOfMass (const VECTOR3 &shift);
165+ void ShiftCG (const VECTOR3 &shift);
166+ void AddForce (const VECTOR3 &F, const VECTOR3 &r) const;
168+ // vessel forces: vectors
169+ bool GetWeightVector (VECTOR3 &G) const;
170+ bool GetThrustVector (VECTOR3 &T) const;
171+ bool GetLiftVector (VECTOR3 &L) const;
172+ bool GetDragVector (VECTOR3 &D) const;
173+ bool GetForceVector (VECTOR3 &F) const;
175+ // vessel forces: magnitudes
176+ double GetLift (void) const;
177+ double GetDrag (void) const;
179+ // Animations
180+ void RegisterAnimation (void) const;
181+ void UnregisterAnimation (void) const;
182+ UINT RegisterAnimSequence (double defmeshstate) const; // obsolete
183+ bool AddAnimComp (UINT seq, ANIMCOMP *comp); // obsolete
184+ bool SetAnimState (UINT seq, double state); // obsolete
185+ UINT CreateAnimation (double initial_state) const;
186+ bool DelAnimation (UINT anim) const;
187+ ANIMATIONCOMPONENT_HANDLE AddAnimationComponent (UINT anim, double state0, double state1,
189+ bool DelAnimationComponent (UINT anim, ANIMATIONCOMPONENT_HANDLE hAC);
190+ bool SetAnimation (UINT anim, double state) const;
192+ // Recording/playback functions
193+ bool Recording (void) const;
194+ bool Playback (void) const;
195+ void RecordEvent (const char *event_type, const char *event) const;
197+ // Transformations
198+ void GetRotationMatrix (MATRIX3 &R) const;
199+ void SetRotationMatrix (const MATRIX3 &R) const;
200+ void GlobalRot (const VECTOR3 &rloc, VECTOR3 &rglob) const;
201+ void HorizonRot (const VECTOR3 &rloc, VECTOR3 &rhorizon) const;
202+ void HorizonInvRot (const VECTOR3 &rhorizon, VECTOR3 &rloc) const;
203+ void Local2Global (const VECTOR3 &local, VECTOR3 &global) const;
204+ void Global2Local (const VECTOR3 &global, VECTOR3 &local) const;
205+ void Local2Rel (const VECTOR3 &local, VECTOR3 &rel) const;
207+ // Propellant resource management
208+ PROPELLANT_HANDLE CreatePropellantResource (double maxmass, double mass=-1.0, double efficiency=1.0) const;
209+ void DelPropellantResource (PROPELLANT_HANDLE &ph) const;
210+ void ClearPropellantResources (void) const;
211+ PROPELLANT_HANDLE GetPropellantHandleByIndex (DWORD idx) const;
212+ DWORD GetPropellantCount (void) const;
213+ void SetDefaultPropellantResource (PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph) const;
214+ void SetPropellantMaxMass (PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph, double maxmass) const;
215+ void SetPropellantEfficiency (PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph, double efficiency) const;
216+ void SetPropellantMass (PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph, double mass) const;
217+ double GetPropellantMaxMass (PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph) const;
218+ double GetPropellantEfficiency (PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph) const;
219+ double GetPropellantMass (PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph) const;
220+ double GetPropellantFlowrate (PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph) const;
221+ double GetTotalPropellantMass (void) const;
222+ double GetTotalPropellantFlowrate (void) const;
223+ // The following legacy functions act on the vessel's _default_ propellant resource
224+ double GetFuelMass (void) const;
225+ double GetFuelRate (void) const;
226+ void SetFuelMass (double m) const;
227+ void SetMaxFuelMass (double m) const;
228+ double GetMaxFuelMass (void) const;
230+ // Thruster management
231+ THRUSTER_HANDLE CreateThruster (const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, double maxth0,
232+ PROPELLANT_HANDLE hp=NULL, double isp0=0.0, double isp_ref=0.0, double p_ref=101.4e3) const;
233+ bool DelThruster (THRUSTER_HANDLE &th) const;
234+ void ClearThrusterDefinitions () const;
235+ THRUSTER_HANDLE GetThrusterHandleByIndex (DWORD idx) const;
236+ DWORD GetThrusterCount (void) const;
237+ void SetThrusterRef (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, const VECTOR3 &pos) const;
238+ void SetThrusterDir (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, const VECTOR3 &dir) const;
239+ void SetThrusterMax0 (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double maxth0) const;
240+ double GetThrusterMax0 (THRUSTER_HANDLE th) const;
241+ double GetThrusterMax (THRUSTER_HANDLE th) const;
242+ double GetThrusterMax (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double p_ref) const;
243+ void SetThrusterIsp (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double isp) const;
244+ void SetThrusterIsp (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double isp0, double isp_ref, double p_ref=101.4e3) const;
245+ double GetThrusterIsp (THRUSTER_HANDLE th) const;
246+ double GetThrusterIsp (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double p_ref) const;
247+ double GetThrusterIsp0 (THRUSTER_HANDLE th) const;
248+ void SetThrusterResource (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, PROPELLANT_HANDLE ph) const;
249+ PROPELLANT_HANDLE GetThrusterResource (THRUSTER_HANDLE th) const;
250+ void SetThrusterLevel (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double level) const;
251+ void IncThrusterLevel (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double dlevel) const;
252+ void SetThrusterLevel_SingleStep (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double level) const;
253+ void IncThrusterLevel_SingleStep (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double dlevel) const;
254+ void GetThrusterRef (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, VECTOR3 &pos) const;
255+ void GetThrusterDir (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, VECTOR3 &dir) const;
256+ double GetThrusterLevel (THRUSTER_HANDLE th) const;
257+ void GetThrusterMoment (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, VECTOR3 &F, VECTOR3 &T) const;
259+ // Thruster group management
260+ THGROUP_HANDLE CreateThrusterGroup (THRUSTER_HANDLE *th, int nth, THGROUP_TYPE thgt) const;
261+ bool DelThrusterGroup (THGROUP_HANDLE &thg, THGROUP_TYPE thgt, bool delth = false) const;
262+ bool DelThrusterGroup (THGROUP_TYPE thgt, bool delth = false) const;
263+ THGROUP_HANDLE GetThrusterGroupHandle (THGROUP_TYPE thgt) const;
264+ THGROUP_HANDLE GetUserThrusterGroupHandleByIndex (DWORD idx) const;
265+ DWORD GetGroupThrusterCount (THGROUP_HANDLE thg) const;
266+ DWORD GetGroupThrusterCount (THGROUP_TYPE thgt) const;
267+ THRUSTER_HANDLE GetGroupThruster (THGROUP_HANDLE thg, DWORD idx) const;
268+ THRUSTER_HANDLE GetGroupThruster (THGROUP_TYPE thgt, DWORD idx) const;
269+ DWORD GetUserThrusterGroupCount (void) const;
270+ bool ThrusterGroupDefined (THGROUP_TYPE thgt) const;
271+ void SetThrusterGroupLevel (THGROUP_HANDLE thg, double level) const;
272+ void SetThrusterGroupLevel (THGROUP_TYPE thgt, double level) const;
273+ void IncThrusterGroupLevel (THGROUP_HANDLE thg, double dlevel) const;
274+ void IncThrusterGroupLevel (THGROUP_TYPE thgt, double dlevel) const;
275+ void IncThrusterGroupLevel_SingleStep (THGROUP_HANDLE thg, double dlevel) const;
276+ void IncThrusterGroupLevel_SingleStep (THGROUP_TYPE thgt, double dlevel) const;
277+ double GetThrusterGroupLevel (THGROUP_HANDLE thg) const;
278+ double GetThrusterGroupLevel (THGROUP_TYPE thgt) const;
280+ // Exhaust render functions
281+ UINT AddExhaust (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double lscale, double wscale, SURFHANDLE tex = 0) const;
282+ UINT AddExhaust (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double lscale, double wscale, double lofs, SURFHANDLE tex = 0) const;
283+ UINT AddExhaust (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, double lscale, double wscale, const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, SURFHANDLE tex = 0) const;
284+ bool DelExhaust (UINT idx) const;
285+ UINT AddExhaustRef (EXHAUSTTYPE exh, VECTOR3 &pos, double lscale = -1.0, double wscale = -1.0, VECTOR3 *dir = 0) const; // obsolete
286+ void DelExhaustRef (EXHAUSTTYPE exh, WORD id) const; // obsolete
287+ void ClearExhaustRefs (void) const; // obsolete
288+ UINT AddAttExhaustRef (const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, double wscale = 1.0, double lscale = 1.0) const; // obsolete
289+ void AddAttExhaustMode (UINT idx, ATTITUDEMODE mode, int axis, int dir) const; // obsolete
290+ void ClearAttExhaustRefs (void) const; // obsolete
292+ // Particle systems
293+ PSTREAM_HANDLE AddParticleStream (PARTICLESTREAMSPEC *pss, const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, double *lvl) const;
295+ PSTREAM_HANDLE AddExhaustStream (THRUSTER_HANDLE th, const VECTOR3 &pos, PARTICLESTREAMSPEC *pss = 0) const;
296+ PSTREAM_HANDLE AddReentryStream (PARTICLESTREAMSPEC *pss) const;
297+ bool DelExhaustStream (PSTREAM_HANDLE ch) const;
299+ // Airfoil and control surface functions
300+ void CreateAirfoil (AIRFOIL_ORIENTATION align, const VECTOR3 &ref, AirfoilCoeffFunc cf, double c, double S, double A) const;
301+ AIRFOILHANDLE CreateAirfoil2 (AIRFOIL_ORIENTATION align, const VECTOR3 &ref, AirfoilCoeffFunc cf, double c, double S, double A) const;
302+ AIRFOILHANDLE CreateAirfoil3 (AIRFOIL_ORIENTATION align, const VECTOR3 &ref, AirfoilCoeffFuncEx cf, void *context, double c, double S, double A) const;
303+ void EditAirfoil (AIRFOILHANDLE hAirfoil, DWORD flag, const VECTOR3 &ref, AirfoilCoeffFunc cf, double c, double S, double A) const;
304+ bool DelAirfoil (AIRFOILHANDLE hAirfoil) const;
305+ void ClearAirfoilDefinitions (void) const;
306+ void CreateControlSurface (AIRCTRL_TYPE type, double area, double dCl, const VECTOR3 &ref, int axis = AIRCTRL_AXIS_AUTO, UINT anim = (UINT)-1) const;
307+ CTRLSURFHANDLE CreateControlSurface2 (AIRCTRL_TYPE type, double area, double dCl, const VECTOR3 &ref, int axis = AIRCTRL_AXIS_AUTO, UINT anim = (UINT)-1) const;
308+ bool DelControlSurface (CTRLSURFHANDLE hCtrlSurf) const;
309+ void ClearControlSurfaceDefinitions (void) const;
310+ void SetControlSurfaceLevel (AIRCTRL_TYPE type, double level) const;
311+ double GetControlSurfaceLevel (AIRCTRL_TYPE type) const;
312+ void CreateVariableDragElement (double *drag, double factor, const VECTOR3 &ref) const;
313+ void ClearVariableDragElements () const;
315+ // Nosewheel-steering
316+ void SetNosewheelSteering (bool activate) const;
317+ bool GetNosewheelSteering (void) const;
319+ // Docking port management
320+ DOCKHANDLE CreateDock (const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, const VECTOR3 &rot) const;
321+ bool DelDock (DOCKHANDLE hDock) const;
322+ void ClearDockDefinitions (void) const;
323+ void SetDockParams (const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, const VECTOR3 &rot) const;
324+ void SetDockParams (DOCKHANDLE hDock, const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, const VECTOR3 &rot) const;
325+ void GetDockParams (DOCKHANDLE hDock, VECTOR3 &pos, VECTOR3 &dir, VECTOR3 &rot) const;
326+ UINT DockCount (void) const;
327+ DOCKHANDLE GetDockHandle (UINT n) const;
328+ OBJHANDLE GetDockStatus (DOCKHANDLE hDock) const;
329+ int Dock (OBJHANDLE target, UINT n, UINT tgtn, UINT mode) const;
330+ bool Undock (UINT n, const OBJHANDLE exclude = 0) const;
332+ // Passive attachment management
333+ ATTACHMENTHANDLE CreateAttachment (bool toparent, const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, const VECTOR3 &rot, const char *id, bool loose = false) const;
334+ void SetAttachmentParams (ATTACHMENTHANDLE attachment, const VECTOR3 &pos, const VECTOR3 &dir, const VECTOR3 &rot) const;
335+ void GetAttachmentParams (ATTACHMENTHANDLE attachment, VECTOR3 &pos, VECTOR3 &dir, VECTOR3 &rot) const;
336+ const char *GetAttachmentId (ATTACHMENTHANDLE attachment) const;
337+ OBJHANDLE GetAttachmentStatus (ATTACHMENTHANDLE attachment) const;
338+ DWORD AttachmentCount (bool toparent) const;
339+ DWORD GetAttachmentIndex (ATTACHMENTHANDLE attachment) const;
340+ ATTACHMENTHANDLE GetAttachmentHandle (bool toparent, DWORD i) const;
341+ bool AttachChild (OBJHANDLE child, ATTACHMENTHANDLE attachment, ATTACHMENTHANDLE child_attachment) const;
342+ bool DetachChild (ATTACHMENTHANDLE attachment, double vel = 0.0) const;
344+ // beacon light management
345+ void AddBeacon (BEACONLIGHTSPEC *bs);
346+ bool DelBeacon (BEACONLIGHTSPEC *bs);
347+ void ClearBeacons ();
349+ // Super-structure interface
350+ bool GetSuperstructureCG (VECTOR3 &cg) const;
352+ // Surface parameters
353+ void SetSurfaceFrictionCoeff (double mu_lng, double mu_lat) const;
354+ void SetMaxWheelbrakeForce (double f) const;
355+ void SetWheelbrakeLevel (double level, int which = 0, bool permanent = true) const;
356+ double GetWheelbrakeLevel (int which) const;
358+ // Navigation radio interface
359+ void InitNavRadios (DWORD nnav) const;
360+ bool SetNavRecv (DWORD n, DWORD ch) const;
361+ DWORD GetNavRecv (DWORD n) const;
362+ float GetNavRecvFreq (DWORD n) const;
363+ bool SetTransponderChannel (DWORD ch) const;
364+ bool SetIDSChannel (DOCKHANDLE hDock, DWORD ch) const;
365+ void EnableTransponder (bool enable) const;
366+ void EnableIDS (DOCKHANDLE hDock, bool enable) const;
367+ NAVHANDLE GetTransponder (void) const;
369+ NAVHANDLE GetNavSource (DWORD n) const;
371+ // Status flags
372+ bool GroundContact (void) const;
373+ bool OrbitStabilised (void) const;
374+ bool NonsphericalGravityEnabled (void) const;
375+ UINT DockingStatus (UINT port) const;
377+ // Scenario editor interface
378+ bool GetEditorModule (char *fname) const;
381+ Vessel *vessel;
382+ short flightmodel;
383+ short version;
386+// ======================================================================
387+// class VESSEL2
388+// Extensions to the VESSEL interface. Derive your vessel classes from
389+// this instead of VESSEL to make use of the latest callback interface.
390+// ======================================================================
392+class DLLEXPORT VESSEL2: public VESSEL {
394+ // Constructor
395+ VESSEL2 (OBJHANDLE hVessel, int fmodel = 1);
397+ // Callback functions
398+ virtual void clbkSetClassCaps (FILEHANDLE cfg);
399+ virtual void clbkSaveState (FILEHANDLE scn);
400+ virtual void clbkLoadStateEx (FILEHANDLE scn, void *status);
401+ virtual void clbkSetStateEx (const void *status);
402+ virtual void clbkPostCreation ();
403+ virtual void clbkFocusChanged (bool getfocus, OBJHANDLE hNewVessel, OBJHANDLE hOldVessel);
404+ virtual void clbkPreStep (double simt, double simdt, double mjd);
405+ virtual void clbkPostStep (double simt, double simdt, double mjd);
406+ virtual bool clbkPlaybackEvent (double simt, double event_t, const char *event_type, const char *event);
407+ virtual void clbkVisualCreated (VISHANDLE vis, int refcount);
408+ virtual void clbkVisualDestroyed (VISHANDLE vis, int refcount);
409+ virtual void clbkDrawHUD (int mode, const HUDPAINTSPEC *hps, HDC hDC);
410+ virtual void clbkRCSMode (int mode);
411+ virtual void clbkADCtrlMode (DWORD mode);
412+ virtual void clbkHUDMode (int mode);
413+ virtual void clbkMFDMode (int mfd, int mode);
414+ virtual void clbkNavMode (int mode, bool active);
415+ virtual void clbkDockEvent (int dock, OBJHANDLE mate);
416+ virtual void clbkAnimate (double simt);
417+ virtual int clbkConsumeDirectKey (char *keystate);
418+ virtual int clbkConsumeBufferedKey (DWORD key, bool down, char *keystate);
419+ virtual bool clbkLoadGenericCockpit ();
420+ virtual bool clbkLoadPanel (int id);
421+ virtual bool clbkPanelMouseEvent (int id, int event, int mx, int my);
422+ virtual bool clbkPanelRedrawEvent (int id, int event, SURFHANDLE surf);
423+ virtual bool clbkLoadVC (int id);
424+ virtual bool clbkVCMouseEvent (int id, int event, VECTOR3 &p);
425+ virtual bool clbkVCRedrawEvent (int id, int event, SURFHANDLE surf);
428+// ======================================================================
429+// class AnimState
430+// Auxiliary class for defining animation states
431+// ======================================================================
433+class AnimState {
435+ enum Action {STOPPED, CLOSED, OPEN, CLOSING, OPENING} action;
436+ double pos;
437+ void Set (Action a, double p) { action = a, pos = p; }
438+ bool Move (double dp) {
439+ if (!Moving()) return false;
440+ if (Closing()) {
441+ if ((pos = max (0.0, pos-dp)) == 0.0) action = CLOSED;
442+ } else {
443+ if ((pos = min (1.0, pos+dp)) == 1.0) action = OPEN;
444+ }
445+ return true;
446+ }
447+ bool Moving() const { return action >= CLOSING; }
448+ bool Static() const { return action < CLOSING; }
449+ bool Stopped() const { return action == STOPPED; }
450+ bool Closed() const { return action == CLOSED; }
451+ bool Open() const { return action == OPEN; }
452+ bool Closing() const { return action == CLOSING; }
453+ bool Opening() const { return action == OPENING; }
454+ friend OAPIFUNC void WriteScenario_state (FILEHANDLE f, char *tag, const AnimState &s);
455+ friend OAPIFUNC void sscan_state (char *str, AnimState &s);
458+#endif // !__VESSELAPI_H
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 Orbitersdk/samples/Orbiter.NET/Orbiter.Wrapper/Orbiter.Wrapper.vcproj
--- a/Orbitersdk/samples/Orbiter.NET/Orbiter.Wrapper/Orbiter.Wrapper.vcproj Tue Jun 12 18:44:37 2007 +0200
+++ b/Orbitersdk/samples/Orbiter.NET/Orbiter.Wrapper/Orbiter.Wrapper.vcproj Wed Apr 23 10:00:48 2008 +0200
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
4242 Optimization="0"
4343 InlineFunctionExpansion="1"
4444 AdditionalIncludeDirectories="..\..\..\include"
45- PreprocessorDefinitions="WIN32;DEBUG;_WINDOWS"
4646 StringPooling="true"
4747 RuntimeLibrary="2"
4848 EnableFunctionLevelLinking="true"
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 Orbitersdk/samples/Orbiter.NET/Orbiter.Wrapper/Vessel.cpp
--- a/Orbitersdk/samples/Orbiter.NET/Orbiter.Wrapper/Vessel.cpp Tue Jun 12 18:44:37 2007 +0200
+++ b/Orbitersdk/samples/Orbiter.NET/Orbiter.Wrapper/Vessel.cpp Wed Apr 23 10:00:48 2008 +0200
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
2727 }
2828 IntPtr Vessel::Handle::get(void){return (IntPtr)vessel->GetHandle();}
2929 String^ Vessel::Name::get(void){return Marshal::PtrToStringAnsi((IntPtr)(void *)vessel->GetName());}
30- String^ Vessel::ClassName::get(void){return String::Empty;/*return Marshal::PtrToStringAnsi((IntPtr)(void *)vessel->GetClassName());*/}
30+ String^ Vessel::ClassName::get(void){return Marshal::PtrToStringAnsi((IntPtr)(void *)vessel->GetClassNameA());}
3131 int Vessel::FlightModel::get(void){return vessel->GetFlightModel();}
3232 int Vessel::DamageModel::get(void){return vessel->GetDamageModel();}
3333 bool Vessel::FocusEnabled::get(void){return vessel->GetEnableFocus();}
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 modules/DotNET/Orbiter.StockVessels.dll
Binary file modules/DotNET/Orbiter.StockVessels.dll has changed
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 modules/DotNET/ShuttlePBdotNET.dll
Binary file modules/DotNET/ShuttlePBdotNET.dll has changed
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 modules/DotNET/ShuttleVBOverloaded.dll
Binary file modules/DotNET/ShuttleVBOverloaded.dll has changed
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 modules/DotNET/ShuttleVBdotNET.dll
Binary file modules/DotNET/ShuttleVBdotNET.dll has changed
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 modules/ShuttlePBdotNET.dll
Binary file modules/ShuttlePBdotNET.dll has changed
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 modules/ShuttleVBOverloaded.dll
Binary file modules/ShuttleVBOverloaded.dll has changed
diff -r 66d068816ca2 -r 5917597e7691 modules/ShuttleVBdotNET.dll
Binary file modules/ShuttleVBdotNET.dll has changed
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